How To Use The Power Of Visualization Today!

How to use the power of visualization?

Visualization plants the seeds for your future.

Your mind sketches blueprints of consciousness so your body can follow through.

However, if your intent isn’t clear, efforts dissolve into mental masturbation.

How To Use The Power Of Visualization:
Living Into Your Goals

Your heart and mind work in tandem in order to move you towards your goals.

Have you ever noticed how you’re drawn to certain interests, certain people, and certain places?

This is your heart telling you what to do next. It gives you emotional feedback. Your mind handles the more technical aspects such as planning your actual moves.

Repetition allows new mental pathways to solidify. The more familiar you get with something, the easier the plan of action becomes.

When I used to skateboard I would picture myself rolling away from the trick I was trying. The better I got at visualization, the more consistent I got at landing my tricks.

The same concept can be applied to anything that you want to achieve.

Picture Your Life After Your Goals Have Been Accomplished And Then Move Towards The Projection

Don’t resist becoming who you were meant to be.

Active visualization allows you to develop your mindset. The power of visualization can easily be harnessed to steer you in your optimal direction. In time, you will begin to feel and act like your ideal self more naturally.

It’s Essential To Feel The Part

You can pretend to be the biggest player mac but unless you genuinely feel like you are, it’s just a fake image waiting to fall apart. True foundational-level shifts are built through actual experience. It’s crucial to become completely congruent with all the aspects of your identity.

Action refines attention.

Ideas lacking in clarity lead to “failure”.

Visualization can start out small. Think of something immediate you can do that will move you towards your ideal self. Immerse yourself in your interests. Let them become a part of you.

Life is built up on a day to day basis. Little changes will slowly accumulate into big ones. Sometimes large opportunities will arise, but the majority of life has to do with moving in the general direction of your goals. What you think about most will eventually find a way into your life.


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  1. Samuel says

    Really dig this. I’ve watched “The Secret” a few times and it sounds good, and I’ve even used it to obtain some minor successes, but I always end up forgetting about it and then… BAM. I keep getting reminded of it a week later, a month later, etc. The fact that I can never completely forget about it suggests that maybe it is real, and maybe it’s exactly what I’m searching for.


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