How To Make Peace With Death

You’re already Dead.

Pause and let that fully sink in.

Go back and read the first sentence again.

You could die at any moment.

There have been athletic 20 year olds who have had heart attacks in their sleep with no underlying physical condition. A drunk driver could plow into you at a stoplight. You could slip in the shower and break your neck.

It’s only a matter of when.

You’ll make peace with death as soon as you realize that you’re living on borrowed time. From then on, your whole reality will look quite different.

Every moment becomes a gift… an ADDITION.

There’s no such thing as outcome dependence when tomorrow’s never promised.

Life is actually quite simple. Trivial bullshit fades into nothingness. Suddenly, living in the moment has much greater significance. When the basic necessities of food, sleep, shitting, and sex are taken care of, you’ve got it made as long as you’re alive.

Satisfaction with the bare necessities makes you spiritually rich.

When all the bases are covered, you can ask yourself what the next step is.

What can you do to make your personal existence even better than it already is?

The solution is to create things that offer optimal value to both yourself and to others. Spread positivity. This push towards self-actualization is what distinguishes humans from other animals.

It’s a blessing to have the ability to reach higher states of consciousness.

Just keep moving. Carry the lessons of the past with you, but only refer to them when necessary. Avoid dwelling. What’s done is done. You have the keys to your own jail cell – sometimes it just takes time to find them.

I cover serious topics because reality is my drug. This blog is not going to sugar-coat information to make it easier to swallow.

I’m not complaining about the true nature of reality. It’s important to be aware of the unforgiving nature of the universe so that you can move in a more positive direction.

Some people may never see your goals in the same way that you do but who cares? They have never taken a single step in your shoes. They have no idea what your journey is all about. As long as you find personal fulfillment with your lifestyle, all will be right.


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  1. […] The more experiences I go through, the less fucks I give. If I could potentially die within the next few weeks of some sudden and rare disease, why would I care about anything besides my personal mission? Why do people achieve a certain salary and then spend the rest of their lives doing nothing? How can the highlight of a person’s life be winning a game of trivia at the local bar? If you got hit by a car tomorrow, how would you reflect on your life as you lie dying by the side of the road? Just the other day, I was crossing the street and an incompetent driver came fairly close to hitting me. Life throws a lot of unexpected shit your way… some of which you might not ever come back from. […]

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