Abundance vs Scarcity

Out worlds are a struggle of abundance vs scarcity.

Put yourself in the shoes of a man whose life is abundant in every way.

  • You’re in shape.
  • You got your money up.
  • Your health is impeccable.
  • The pillars of your life are made of gold and encrusted with jewels.
  • There are tons of beautiful women ready to cater to your every desire.

Even if you’re rejected, there’s another girl right around the corner.

Now tell me this…

  • Would you be eager to please obnoxious people?
  • Would you respond to some drunk idiot giving you a hard time?
  • Would you waste one ounce of energy pursuing a rude entitled girl with a terrible attitude?

Your life is already fulfilling. You have no responsibility to tend to the emotional needs of people who are bitter and angry.

Such behavior is childish and beneath you

On the contrary, a desperate man gives women a “pussy pass” that allows them to walk all over him. After all, in his reality they have the pussy so they make the rules.

Women are rare.

When a woman actually takes notice of him, he clings to her until she fights to escape from his smothering grasp. The script is completely backwards.

He wonders how he can further supplicate so that she will eventually do something nice for him (suck his dick). The day where his needs come first never arrives. He puts up with all kinds of shit until she tires of his weak mentality and leaves him for a better man.

Mr. Desperate sees himself as the reason for all other peoples’ problems. He takes the blame because he is used to it. His brittle frame shatters when confronted by drama queens and negativity.

How can I solve your problems for you your highness?

The scarcity mentality is synonymous with low-value

Who would you rather be? Mister Abundance or Mister Desperate?

Even if you don’t currently enjoy abundance, act like you do. Fake it till you make it. You don’t deserve to tolerate bullshit.

There’s no place for negativity in your life.


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