Does Conscious Reaction Work?

conscious reaction

By regulating action, which is under control of will, we can indirectly regulate feeling, which is not.

-William James

Life is a mixture of what happens to you and how you react to it. External events are outside your control so it’s vital you act with conscious reaction.

  • Positive or negative.
  • Active or Passive.

Choose your attitude. Fill your inner cup to the brim with love. Love for yourself, love for others, love for the universe.

Let it overflow and spill into other peoples’ lives.

Good vibes are contagious. Thoughts themselves have energy. They project outward and engulf your surroundings. Positive vibrations attract more positivity. Think positive and the universe will follow. Align yourself with these frequencies and watch your life fill with abundance.

Harm Is Minimized Through Positive Thinking

Choose happiness.

The vast majority of suffering is self-imposed.

Feelings of inadequacy can be an invisible addiction. You have the choice to make your life what you want it to be.

Thoughts create feedback loops either positive or negative.

Your attitude will determine whether something that doesn’t go your way becomes a speedbump or a derailment.

Consider the following situation:
You’re at a bar on a typical night with a few friends, having some drinks, talking to women.

Negative Reaction
That girl didn’t laugh at my joke, therefore I’m not funny. I suck at talking to women. Those guys staring me down across the room? They must think I’m a loser. I value other peoples’ opinions above my own. I might as well go home and cry myself to sleep over how pathetic my life is.

Positive Reaction
I’m having a great time. I appreciate the good vibes I share with my friends. This girl likes me, she just doesn’t know it yet. Those guys mean-muggin me across the room? They must be having a bad day. Not my problem. Life is a celebration.

One situation. Two interpretations. A world of difference.

Reality Is A Mirror That Reflects What We Expect To See

It amazes me at the commitment some people have towards making their lives as miserable as fucking possible. They live to be victims. This attitude becomes a deeply engrained part of their identity. They blame all their problems on other people while the real culprit (their mind/belief system) slips by unnoticed.

Are emotional vampires ignorant of their own self-sabotage?

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. Unless a person is willing to change their attitude towards life, there’s nothing you can do to help them. Some people don’t want to be happy. Next time you’re feeling depressed about something (probably trivial), know that you have a choice.


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