It’s Official, The Tingle Trumps All


Social dominance/charisma is the defining factor for success with women.

Comfort comes secondary.

The tingle trumps all.

No Amount Of Platonic Investment Will Make Up
For Lack Of Gina Tingle

Women are attracted to social dominance regardless whether it’s utilized in a positive or negative way.

This is why you have serial-killer groupies pining for psychopaths while ignoring the logically better choice (beta herbs).

Time and time again women remind men through their actions that they despise supplicating nice guys.

Why do they so desperately wish to cater to all these women who don’t want to be saved from their “bad decisions”?

The only reason they would do so is a lack of experience. Willing to do anything just for a WHIFF of some poon.

Quit your simping. The emotional stimulation of gina tingle is all women want.

Social interactions work as an exchange of value. If she’s feelin your game, she’ll give you her pussy. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

Why Make It More Complicated Than It Has To Be?

If squares are patient enough they might end up with an ex-carousel rider who’s “tired of the games” and “ready to settle down with a mature man”.

Bitch please.

Deprive them of their entitlement and end goal by ultimately living for yourself. It’s much more rewarding.

Don’t waste your resources trying to win uninterested women over with your time, money, attention, and gifts. For all the investment you’re giving her pre-sex, I guarantee you there was some dude (or more) who got the goods for much less. The value of pussy is at an all time low, so don’t artificially raise its asking price in your mind.

A great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by the false estimates they have made of the value of things.

-Benjamin Franklin

You Got All These Lame Ass Dudes Willing To Compromise Their Very Identity Just For Some Poon

Pretending to like what she likes. Attempting to more closely identify with the feminine.

There’s no lower form of self-emasculation.

Women demand more from certain men (average guys/losers) because they can.

Would you say no to a never-ending gravy train of favors and attention?

By treating her vagina as valuable, you’re only making it harder for yourself because she’ll fall into that frame.

If a woman pulled this shit on a man of value, he would laugh in her face and be on to the next. Internalizing this attitude will give you much greater clarity of vision with regards to mackin on females.

Game Is Simply A Tool

How you utilize it is up to you.

Whether you want a relationship or an astronomical notch count, it’s vital for you to be aware of the gina tingle (or lack thereof). When she feels the tingle for you, she’ll rationalize all kinds of bullshit to see you in a positive light regardless of your actual virtue.

Adopt the attitude of a high value man and the proper actions will follow (or vice versa). The most effective way of developing this mentality is through real life feedback. You can read all the blogs you want, but unless you take action you’ll remain static.

Slay away.

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  1. Etown Brown says

    It beta whiners need just one thing to read… just one article…this would be it. Looking for a “deeper” or more profound explanation than this is just a waste of time.


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  2. […] Give girls the tingle that they so desperately crave. It will be obvious when it happens. Her eyes will light up. Tension will build. You will feel the sexual energy like a bolt of lightning to your genitalia. The tingle goes both ways. If you game a girl right, she will be begging you for a release. Her body will work overtime to ensure that it gets impregnated by your superior seed. […]

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