How To Deal With Negative People

how to deal with negative people

Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.


How to deal with negative people?

In case you haven’t noticed, you won’t get along with everyone in this world.

No matter how positive your attitude or amount of love you express, people will hate.

Maybe you remind them of some kid they were bullied by in the 4th grade. Maybe they aren’t happy about their own lives and want to take it out on someone else. Maybe you have something they wish they did (friends, money, girlfriend, etc).

The possibilities are endless.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Why They Hate

You aren’t responsible for their lives.

With such an attitude it becomes clear they aren’t your problem. However, haters often flip shit around to paint themselves as victims. Don’t spend your time trying to win them over.

In college, I had a particularly toxic roommate who would expect everyone else to pick up after him.

  • He cockblocked.
  • His dishes piled up.
  • His hair clogged the bathroom drain.
  • He plotted to get the rest of us to turn on one another.

When we confronted him, he reacted angrily.

Eventually, he moved out and blamed all of his problems on the rest of us. It was quite laughable. The apartment miraculously tidied up afterwards.

The negative energy was gone.

Some Things Are Outside Your Control


You don’t need to micromanage every single detail of your life. Don’t over-analyze the situation. Don’t feel guilty for outshining others.

Do you live for yourself or the opinions of other people?

When you keep yourself focused on the positives of life, the negatives will fade out of your reality. You’ll encounter new negatives in the future, but they’ll come to pass as well.

Even If Your Inner Reality Is 100% Positive, The External Reality Will Sometimes Throw Negativity Your Way

Will you let the negative energy into your being or will you kick that shit to the muhfuckin’ curb?

Some people are quick to dismiss all criticism directed towards them as hate. It’s important to know where the criticism is coming from.

  • Does this person wish you well?
  • Does his argument have a rational point?
  • Is he trying to get me to better myself, or is he trying to tear me down?

It’s okay to acknowledge honest mistakes, they happen to everyone. At the same time, you should never apologize for who you are.

Then there are the naysayers. You can’t do that! Be realistic! Your dreams are out of reach!

Some people see a moment of vulnerability as an opportunity to trample your goals into dust. They derive pleasure out of holding you back.

If you were to actualize your dreams, what did they accomplish?

Sit on their fat asses all day hating on people who are actually going places.

Why give them the satisfaction?

Those Who Hate On Improvement Lack The Capacity
To Do It Themselves

A man of value doesn’t care what resentful people think of him.

He has his mind on his mission (his LIFE PATH).

He’s focused on achieving goals and moving forward.

He has respect for himself.

He doesn’t invite negativity into his life.

P.S. Still curious? Read “Gorilla Mindset“. This book will tell you everything you need to know about dealing with haters.


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