Thinking Positive! – What’s New And True About Mindset

Does Thinking Positive Really Make A Difference?

It has in my life.

If it can help me it can definitely help you.

By the time you finish reading this post you’ll quickly be able to perceive positivity. This will increase your health, help you make better decisions, and attract higher quality friends.

So read on.

What Thinking Positive Can Do For You

As a teenager, I used to be a very angry and bitter person.

It seemed like nothing ever went my way.

In my post about the ego, I explained how I would always focus on the negative side of things. I was paranoid and riddled with anxiety to the point of being neurotic.

The older I grew, the more I was exposed to experiences that aligned me with thinking positive.

This new-found state of mind really made my social life blossom.

My comfort zone expanded.

I met new people who helped me see the error of my ways.

Positivity attracted more positivity.

Thoughts Exist As Feedback Loops

  • Think negative > See negative > Think negative > See negative
  • (hm something is wrong here…)
  • Think negative > See negative > Think negative > See negative
  • Think positive > See positive > Think positive > See positive

See the problem?

Since we are observers, our realities are experienced subjectively. Luckily for us, we have complete control over our individual interpretations of events.

The Mind’s A Very Powerful Tool

Your actions reflect your intentions, thoughts, and mindset. The energy you create in your mind spills out into the external world.

It can be very hard to break old thought patterns, but it WILL be worth it. Actively reframing your experiences in a positive way can be mentally straining if you’re used to thinking negatively.

Practice conscious reaction.

Before you know it, positive thinking will become your default setting. You’re essentially reprogramming your mind.

Remove the virus.

Align yourself with positivity and I promise that life will be most fulfilling. Other positive-minded people will be drawn to you. Even negative people will benefit from your vibrations. Your very existence makes the world a better place.

Life’s Too Short To Hate

I’m not telling you to become delusionally altruistic by blindly taking on the problems of others. No white knighting cap’n save-a-ho’s up in here!! When you value your own life, you don’t have the time to deal with negativity.

Energy vampires and other negative people are out of alignment with positivity. Hating them is pointless and sucks you down to their level.

Who knows what their life circumstances were?

Many of them are so thoroughly entrenched in their thought patterns that they will only react angrily if you try to help.

Haters Will Always Exist

Accepting their existence does not mean that you need to tolerate their bullshit and cater to their whims. You can point them in the right direction, but they still need to take the steps.

Avoid contact with such people whenever possible.

The ability to stay positive will keep you on track when bad things happen. It’s important to accept reality as it is. Sometimes the going gets tough, but things will eventually turn around as long as you push through. Thoughts have a lot of power but they are worthless if you do not apply them to the real world.

Be A Positive Realist

Our expanding global awareness allows us to spread positivity at an ever-increasing rate. What will happen when the vast majority of the world becomes aligned with positivity?

Will we reach a new level of collective consciousness?

Create a universal spiritual awakening?

Do your part by filling your interactions with love. Even the smallest changes echo throughout the entire reality fractal.

Live positive.

P.S. Still curious? Read “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Peale.


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