How To Build Your Ideal Life (Hint: It Involves Your Identity)

ideal life
So you want to build your ideal life.

First, you must first recognize the connection between identity and lifestyle.

Your identity is a fluid illusion, yet it still drives your actions.

You are whoever you *subconsciously* think you are.

With that said, you can work with this illusion to direct your life in the right direction.

To Create Your Ideal Life, Structure Your Experiences Around Your Fascinations

Follow up on places, people, and interests that speak directly to your inner-self.

In order to build my identity, I’ve traveled to locations that played a pivotal role regarding my interests.

For instance, I am a huge fan of music… rap in particular.

When I was in Vegas, I went by the spot where 2pac was shot just to absorb the environment. Even though it was a mere street corner, my mind was blown that such a significant event (within my own sense of culture) happened right in front of where I was standing.

Moments like that make life more real to me. That spot was speaking to my intuition so I felt compelled to make the pilgrimage.

Pay Tribute To The Greats, The Ones Who Inspired You
How To Live

When I used to skate, I would sometimes spend hours searching for a specific famous spot that appeared in pro videos (through word of mouth/internet/google earth/etc). Finding the spot, landing a trick, and leaving my own mark on the environment was immensely rewarding.

I would think,

wow! I landed a trick on the same stairs that my favorite pro skated!

The skateboarding lifestyle acted as an outlet for my child-like curiosity that pushed me towards my full potential. Even though I no longer actively skate due to an ankle injury, I still look back on my growth experiences with fond memories.

I have channeled this same curiosity into other mediums. Music, writing, film-making etc. The same concept can be applied to many things, as long as you approach them with the same eagerness.

Embrace your passions. Do your research.

Find Out How The Specific Fields That Interest You Developed

  • Who were the key players responsible for making things happen?
  • Who influenced them?
  • What is their approach?
  • What cities/places played major roles?
  • What are the philosophies and customs of those involved with such a lifestyle?

The people who are most successful put in the time to develop such knowledge. Kanye West (hate him or love him), researched the fuck out of many different aspects of music history and now look where he is.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Who You Are

Nobody knows you better than yourself. Even if your interests change, your drive to express your creativity/ideas will remain.

Your world truly opens up when you dedicate your life to your interests. As you know, you play an active part in creating your own reality.

Whatever you think about will present itself around you. Things out of alignment with your frequency will fade out of your life.

Keeping an eye out allows you to run into people and opportunities that’ll aid you in your journey. Seize such moments when they arrive and everything will fall into place.

Experiences stay with you for life, leaving permanent marks on your psyche.

Invest in your ideal self.

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