WARNING! Debt is Modern Slavery

debt is slavery
Society is built to lure you into debt.

As soon as you become a legal adult, you’re expected to go to college. If your parents can’t afford to pay the tuition costs, you’ll have to take on student loans.


Instant debt acquired.

A girl from my high school chose to go to NYU (out of state) over UC Berkeley. She’s now $250,000 in debt.

It’s really sad that so many people end up in such a position right when they’re starting their adult lives.

Once you graduate, you’ll be hit with multiple credit card offers.

Here, come buy more shit you can’t afford! Want that new gadget? It’s all good, just put it on your tab!

Next, you’re expected to get a steady job to pay all that shit off.

You’ll need a car (most likely also bought on credit) in order to commute. Most people will also buy a house as they get older (mortgage is debt).

It amazes me how people are in such a rush to establish their own enslavement.

The trifecta of house, car, job keeps you tied down because our society is structured so you can’t have one without the others. Many people lose sight of their life at this point. They get caught up in bills, dealing with their payments.

What now? You did everything society told you to do, yet you still feel unfulfilled. Was it all a lie?

Debt is modern slavery

It keeps you chained to the system.

You may have nice things, but you aren’t free.

If you wanted to, could you just drop everything and go live in another continent for a few months?

Could you change your entire lifestyle at will?

If you can’t, then you aren’t free.

I understand that not everyone wants to take such a path, and that’s fine with me. The point I’m making is that you need to be aware of where you’re headed. It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day worries and lose sight of the bigger picture. Before you know it, you’ll be old and your dreams will remain unfulfilled.

People work to extend their own slavery

Instead of investing their money towards their freedom, they spend it on more consumer items. Buying deeper and deeper into the system.

It isn’t security…

They’re just filling up their McMansions with more stuff.

What’s the point of working just to make your boss richer?

Your valuable energy could be put to much better use striving for bigger goals. You can give back to society in a different way than people expect you to.

Pursue your own ideas of giving value

The debt you acquire increases in interest. You’ll end up paying a lot more just because you had to have certain things you couldn’t afford.

It’s funny how people buy status symbols (cars, houses, etc) with money they don’t have in order to impress people they don’t even like.

Do you really care what people think about you?

Those items aren’t a reflection of your worth as a person, but a reflection of your willingness to chain yourself down. It’s a trade-off that many people make without realizing what they’re doing.

There’s nothing more valuable than your freedom.

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  1. Veg Non says

    Your writing is interesting. This is the 3rd one in which not all points made apply to me per se, because I do think the same as you, but helps you get back on track before those values are lost in this indoctrinational society we live in.


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