Stop Complaining And Start Living Outside Your Comfort Zone (Here’s How)

Did you know vulnerability is essential for growth?

I’m not talking about spilling all your emotional problems onto other people…

(Wahhhh! My parents didn’t love me!!! My life is so hard!!!).

Real vulnerability means you have the courage to expose yourself to potential “failure”, judgement, and criticism.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be able to use vulnerability to increase the quality of your life.

Making Yourself Vulnerable Gives You Room
To Start Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

For a man of value, “mistakes” don’t lower his self-worth.

It’s all about your mindset and how you view your experiences. In fact, you should feel better about yourself simply for trying.

A person with low self-worth sees every single setback as validation of his shitty perspective. This kind of person needs to make himself especially vulnerable in order to grow out of his mind-traps.

  • Have the willingness to fail.
  • Have the willingness to be hated on.
  • Have the willingness to step into the unknown.

If you hold yourself back because of what you think MIGHT happen, you end up remaining in the same spot.

You Never Know Until You Try

I’d like to tell you a story.

During one of my teenage summers, I drove into the hills with some friends to find a hidden lake. We had heard there was a water tower in the middle that people would jump off of.

After trekking through some woods for a while, we finally found it.

It was late in the summer and the water level had dropped significantly. What was once a 25 foot drop was now a 40 foot drop.

We swam out and climbed to the top. It was scary looking down.

One by one, my friends jumped before me.

After much hesitation (probably ten minutes), I said FUCK IT and took the plunge.

It felt immensely rewarding facing the fear and conquering it (however small).

I felt my balls grow that day.

Even The Smallest Victories Build Your Confidence

At some point you just need to take the leap.

There are many ways in which you can make yourself vulnerable. Taking social risks (initiating conversation with a new person), playing sports, quitting a job you hate, etc. If you cling to the metaphorical water tower, you’ll never experience the rush of trying something new.

You’ll remain the same person.

Some of my old friends refuse to change. They are content (or so they seem) living their lives largely the same way they used to back in the day. They never meet new people, never take action, and always just sit around at home.

They hide within their shells, afraid of the world.

If they were to make themselves just a *little* bit vulnerable, they’d have a lot more room for growth.

Stepping outside your comfort zone allows you to expand it. Little adjustments accumulate until you pass your previous limits.

It’s sad to see people with so much potential waste themselves away due to fear and rationalizations.

I feel as if everyone has a duty to expand their consciousness. Start with partaking in actions that you feel would benefit you. Take calculated risks to engage in activities that speak to your true self. As your comfort zone expands, you’ll find yourself trying crazier things just for the experience/growth opportunity.

If I’m presented with the option of trying something new that resonates with my desires, I’ll usually go for it because I’ll definitely beat myself up if I don’t. The whole point of life is to move forward. I highly doubt you are the same person as when you were born, 5 years old, 10 years old, 20 years old, etc.

The Whole Reason You’re Able To Evolve
Is Because Of Your Experiences

I enjoy making myself vulnerable because I feel that everyone benefits. It gives me an opportunity for growth while allowing others to engage with my true self. Being genuine encourages others to do the same.

Sharing personal anecdotes adds color to my blog entries.

So what if I’m wrong. So what if you think I’m stupid.

No one is right all the time.

The lenses through which we view the world are constantly being swapped and modified. World-views change and are built upon.

  • You aren’t your beliefs.
  • You aren’t the info in your brain.
  • You are infinite, as is your potential.

Vulnerability applies to all aspects of life. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re probably not risking enough. Playing it too safe will lead to a mediocre existence. Sure, you can still enjoy your life… but you’l never reach your full potential with such an attitude.

Strive for growth.

Strive to be better.

Strive to learn something new.

You make sense of the world by referring to past experiences. Wouldn’t you much rather have a larger mental library that you could draw your knowledge from? No amount of theory will ever beat real life experience.

Go out into the world and embrace your vulnerability.

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    Good point about real vulnerability – the kind of emotional begging for validation that most people call “vulnerability” is almost the opposite, and does no one any good.


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