The Tides Of Time

Is it possible for time to be simultaneous and instantaneous?

Bad experiences are stepping stones.  You can wield the lessons learned. Good things fall apart so that better things can fall into place. Sometimes bad things result in good things and vice versa.

Life is a fluctuation of the good and the bad. It all depends on how you color your life.

Enjoy The Moment For What It Is

We outgrow old friends/lovers. We change, they change. Sometimes our paths are no longer aligned. Our frequencies can move into opposite directions. Don’t cling to something that is making an exit out of your reality. It served its purpose while it lasted. Maybe it will find a way back into your life in the future. Things have a natural way of flowing in and out of your life.

Learn how to navigate the ocean of energy. Aim to understand its flow.

Meditation is a useful tool in honing your instinct. With practice, you will learn to trust your intuition on a deeper level.

The tides of time are ever changing.

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