How Keeping A Journal Benefits You

keeping a journal
I’ve been writing down my thoughts since 2010.

Keeping a journal has allowed me to pick up on recurring patterns both in thoughts and choices.

Insecurities, desires, dreams, motivations, and limitations stick out with greater clarity.

Keeping a journal makes your thoughts more observable

It is immensely cathartic to vent through writing. It allows you to figure out why you are angry/happy about certain things. Keeping a journal brings your thoughts to the forefront of your life. Seemingly random behavior is more easily deciphered when you begin to understand your own psyche.

Being honest with your writing helps you notice how your insecurities permeate throughout all of your actions. Reflect upon the why within your motivations. Greater awareness allows you to make conscious changes to get what you want out of life.

It’s fascinating to see how you grow as a person

You can observe how experiences change you.

When I first started writing, the prose was that of a confused college student trying to find his place in the world. I was extremely reactive to other people and suppressed my desires. I knew that something was amiss and began to write about the things I wanted to accomplish.

Writing helped me to get to know myself – The person deep down who was muffled by a fog of insecurity. I began to see how ideas would take hold.

There have been many potential life paths that I’ve considered. The ones that spoke to me the strongest were the ones that stuck. The things I wrote about most found a way into my life, leading to growth opportunities.

I can no longer relate to the old state of mind, it might as well be an entirely different person.

There are no limitations.

Write about whatever crosses your mind.

I’ve noticed that keeping a journal exponentially increases your progress towards achieving goals. The very act of writing things down makes them that much more real to you. It’s the first step towards creating your reality.

There are many writing exercises you can do
to explore your psyche:

  • ask yourself 50 questions (how did you end up in your city, how did your parents meet, how did you develop your interests, why do you like certain music, etc.)
  • make a bucket list
  • define your life goals if you had no limitations
  • set incremental goals you can work towards to achieve your larger ones
  • write down the daily routine of your ideal lifestyle with intense detail
  • do a 20 min freewrite about what excites you
  • write a brief summary of every year of your life, tracking your progress

The possibilities are endless… There are plenty of other things that you can write about. The goal is to understand yourself on a deeper level. At first you’ll probably rationalize your insecurities away, but persistent writing will allow you to get to know the real person within.

You won’t grow if you don’t acknowledge
what needs to change

I share the most useful discoveries from my journal on this blog because I want others to benefit as much as I did. The thing about introspection is that some insights will not apply to everyone. You must do much personal reflection in order to find out what makes you tick. If you don’t develop a map by which to lead your life, you’ll spend the rest of your days wandering aimlessly. Strive to find a purpose that fills you with satisfaction.


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