How To Brainwash Yourself For Success (And Absorb The Winning Attitude)


The attitude dictates that you don’t care whether she comes, stays, lays, or prays. I mean whatever happens, your toes are still tappin’. Now when you got that, then you have the attitude.

-Fast Times at Ridgemont High

How can you brainwash yourself for success?

Internalizing a winning attitude is crucial for a man of value to be successful in life.

This doesn’t just apply to girls.

Think about abundance in general.

As your inner-strength builds, the opinions of others will matter less and less.

Your reality will dominate over weaker frames. People will react to YOU. They’ll seek your approval.

Hate will not register on your mental radar. Cheap comments made by others mean absolutely nothing.

It’s Harder To Make A Winning Attitude A Part Of Your Identity Without Accomplishing Anything

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Hit the gym
  3. Hit on women
  4. Work on your projects
  5. Cut things that don’t add value out of your life.

As long as you’re moving forward, you deserve to feel self-satisfied.

Confidence has to be built from the ground up.

You are your own god. You have the potential to become whatever you want to be. If you want something bad enough, you’ll invest your entire life into realizing it.

Everyone says they want to be rich, but how many people actually go through with it?

Most people waste their time looking for instant solutions (Here, take this magic pill to lose weight!)

It takes a lot of focus to truly make something out of yourself.

Immerse Yourself In The “Suffering” Of Self-Improvement

It’s crucial that you enjoy the struggle. As you dedicate yourself to becoming a better man, you’ll find that the attitude is a natural byproduct.

  • You’ll glide as if you were in water.
  • You’ll walk taller, prouder, and with purpose.
  • When addressed, you’ll turn your head slowly.
  • Your movements will become deliberate and powerful.

This attitude spills over into all aspects of life. Everything becomes more efficient. Things will increasingly go your way. Attracting quality women is a natural byproduct of expressing congruence with a high value mentality.

There’s no reason to put strangers on a pedestal. Your value and time are not to be freely given to others.

They have to earn it.

YOU Are The Prize

Your attention is their reward for good behavior.

It’s funny how so many dudes are eager to throw their attention at any girl, even if she’s clearly not interested. These fools turn into dancing monkeys/court jesters.

Male *attention* is an important currency for women

It’s not your job to constantly entertain people.

Live For Self-Amusement

Why do you want to hear the life story of some girl you just met? Would you do the same to some random dude?

Guys make the mistake of trying to befriend women by finding common ground.

You want to be her lover, not her girlfriend.

I’ve had my greatest successes by simply talking about the most random shit in an engaging manner.

Lead the conversation. Have her play guessing games.

There’s No Reason To Play It Safe With Lame Topics

You can have love for other people without being self-sacrificing. Such gestures will often go completely unappreciated.

Look out for number one and focus on building your empire.

The world is yours.

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