Do You Live Life From A Position Of Strength?

Life becomes so much simpler when your actions come from a position of strength.

Your body language aligns itself with your mindset and vice versa.

You Give Off The Right Vibe When Your Life’s In Order

Your words will matter significantly less, if at all.

A man who is self assured can afford to be nice when he chooses to. His niceness is clearly not supplication.

A wimpy person has to be nice. He wants people to like him. Most people see right through his weak facade, ironically giving him the opposite results he had hoped for.

Coming from a position of strength means that you have faith in who you are. Mistakes don’t detract from your sense of self-worth. Your reality is the only thing that truly matters, so you might as well make it as bulletproof as possible. You don’t need anyone’s approval.

People will hate and people will love.

Fuck An Opinion Regardless If It’s Positive Or Negative

You can learn from other people’s realities, but you don’t need to get sucked up into them. If you discover something that will benefit you, incorporate it into your own reality.

The only true disability in life is a negative attitude.

The last thing you want to do is to fall into a victim’s mentality. Anyone can make something out of themselves, no matter how hopeless their situation appears.

Talk is cheap. Anyone can have an opinion. Let them talk. It means nothing. The only limits that exist are the ones you place upon yourself. The greatest struggle we face is against our own minds.

Gain Mastery Over Your Mind, And You
Gain Mastery Over Your World

You are strong.

You are worthwhile.

You will succeed.


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  1. says

    imma be honest, this is the only true blog in the so-called manosphere that i look up to. seems to me that other sites get way too fucking wrapped up in their anti-femisist attacks and ‘truth’. while i do agree with them, like you i dont fucking hate women, haha.

    the only real ‘truth’ is subjective. like ya said, live for yourself, nuff said


  1. […] Notice how Clinton gave the public his famous “non-apology”. He took responsibility for his actions in a way that did not compromise his being. We all make mistakes, and it is crucial that we own up to them from a position of strength. […]

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