Feeling Good vs. Accepting Reality

Our society places good feelings on an almighty alter that all must worship.

It says a lot about ourselves as a collective when we celebrate weakness. Hurting feelings is considered blasphemous within the frame of such an outlook. Schools focus on building a cheap form of self-esteem over teaching life lessons. Low value people are trying hard to push fat acceptance. Kids get trophies merely for participating.

This type of politically-correct atmosphere breeds mediocrity.

People want to feel special without doing
anything to deserve it

Failing teaches you important lessons. You learn to accept your imperfections. Being rewarded for failure doesn’t give you any incentive to become more capable.

Strive to master every weakness.

True self-esteem is built by understanding the limitless self.

There are many delusional utopian fantasies that sound good on paper, but they will never be realized because they go against human nature. Our society is competitive. There will always be winners and losers. Celebrating those less capable does a disservice to those who actually put in the work to become their best selves.

You have a choice of deluding yourself with feel-good illusions, or you can accept reality no matter how bitter it may be.

This is still the jungle.

Behind all the towering sky-scrapers, sprawling metropolises, and superficial appearances, we are animals.

Attempting to spare the feelings of others at all times will only fuck you over

Some people are so sensitive that they will be offended no matter what you do. At the same time, trying to spare your own feelings will severely hold you back.

Go out there and get rejected.

Who gives a fuck.

A high tolerance for rejection will allow you to go further than you ever imagined. If you are not experiencing failures, you are not pushing yourself hard enough.


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