See How Easily You Can Master the Art of Seduction

art of seduction

The art is in the tease. -Anon

Game rookies view it as a one-size-fits-all solution for their problems. They think uttering a magic line will cause every single supermodel to drop their panties instantly.

However, game won’t allow you to fuck every single girl you want to.

The Art Of Seduction Is About Being Your Best Self

Game raises your sexual-market value and turn you into an improved person. It increases your options, and makes life more fulfilling.

The more experience you gain, the more you’ll know how to calibrate to certain situations. Sometimes you’ll have to throw clients out the window. Sometimes you’ll have to persist.

It’s a lot easier to enjoy your life when you live for more than pussy. The number one thing to keep in mind is to have respect for yourself. When pussy loses its value, you hold all of the cards.

Your sexuality is not to be manipulated.

Create An Emotional Experience

One of the most important elements in the rhythm of drama is suspense.

Know when to be silent. Know when to disappear.

Think about the push/pull dynamic.

You want the girl to feel an entire range of emotions – not just security/safety from your constant availability.

Game is not about wearing furry hats or using cheesy pick-up lines. It’s about making yourself a more attractive man. Gimmicks are cheap imitations of true value.

It definitely takes a lot of balls to walk into a club looking like a dumbass.

Wouldn’t it be much more rewarding to actually become greater?

Live to be your best self.

When you neglect your potential value, you do everyone (including yourself) a huge disservice.

Women Are A Natural Side-Effect Of A Life Well Lived

There are some girls who you’ll never be able to get with.

  • Maybe she has intimacy issues.
  • Maybe you aren’t her physical type.
  • Maybe she’s pissed off about something.

It’s pointless to worry about her problems. Moving on to other girls is much more conducive to your happiness.

On the other hand, there are some girls who will be instantly down.

You could be having a fairly off night and still have success. Tight game isn’t always necessary, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Lastly, there are girls who are on the fence about you. It’s vital to game them properly if you want to see results. Don’t give them an inch.

Be An Emotional Artist

Use your words as a brush to paint lush imagery on her emotional canvas.

Some girls require more game than others. Chronic attention-seekers need to be push-pulled extra hard in order to generate tingle.

Your frame must be superior.

Girls want a man they perceive to be cooler than them.

Give Girls The Tingle They So Desperately Crave

It’ll be obvious when it happens.

Her eyes will light up. Tension will build. You will feel the sexual energy like a bolt of lightning to your genitalia.

The tingle goes both ways.

If you game a girl right, she’ll be begging you for a release. Her body will work overtime to ensure that it gets impregnated by your superior seed.

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