How Fear And Worry Sabotage Your Potential

fear and worry
Do you make decisions out of love or out of fear and worry?

Emotions add flavor and fuel to your reality.

It’s important to understand your own emotional landscape.

Filling yourself with negative emotions will mess with your vibrations and invite more negativity into your life.

Letting Go Of Fear And Worry Is Crucial To
Live Life To The Fullest

“Losing your ego” means to stop making decisions based on fear/worry. It’s the ego that’s responsible for creating these false illusions.

Are your problems really as bad as you imagine them to be?

It’s important to have faith in yourself no matter what the external world may throw at you.

Conquering these weaknesses allows you to permanently sustain a positive self-image.

Things typically don’t go your way when your fuel tank is running on fear/worry. People are extraordinarily sensitive to the reality that you project upon them and will react accordingly. The emotions you give to others will find their way back towards you. A positive reality is much more dominant than a negative one.

Don’t Confuse Being Realistic With Being Negative

  • It isn’t negative to realistically assess your weaknesses.
  • It isn’t negative to avoid walking through a bad neighborhood at three in the morning.

Letting go of fear doesn’t mean to throw everything else out of the window. Every person has their boundaries. You can live positive while retaining a healthy sense of skepticism.

P.S. Still curious? Read “A Guide To The Good Life” by William B. Irvine.


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