Are You Procrastinating Out of Fear?

Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

-Abraham Lincoln

Time waits for no man.

The moment to take action is NOW. There is no right moment. Things will not “just happen”. You have to MAKE them happen. Extraordinary things have been made possible out of ordinary circumstances. Waiting until things “feel right” is the same as shooting yourself in the foot. Nothing will ever feel 100% right until you take action. Even then, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. Comfort is not the goal.

Men of value do work to GET SHIT DONE.

If you wait your whole life to be comfortable with trying new things, you will never be fully alive. The world is run by those who actually take action. There is much discussion about the notorious “female rationalization hamster” in this corner of the internet. Keep in mind that men rationalize a lot of things as well, although not as intensely.

Try to understand why you keep procrastinating.

  • Do you make excuses where you could take action?
  • Are you afraid of failure?

Putting in work becomes addictive once you make a habit out of it. There is a choice of doing nothing, or moving forward. Visualization must be put into action. You will genuinely feel like you deserve the best in life if you constantly put in the effort to improve yourself.

Putting things off until “tomorrow” will ensure that you never get anything done.

Tomorrow is arbitrary.

  • Will you take action the day after that?
  • The next month?
  • The next year?

You are only getting older. “Tomorrow” is imaginary. It is always barely out of reach. It is a convenient excuse because you believe that things will somehow suddenly change.

When “tomorrow” becomes the present, will you put your goals off until the next “tomorrow”?

Throwing yourself into your goals forces you to adapt. You quickly learn what your weaknesses are. Easing yourself into improvement slows down your potential. Get your rookie mistakes out of the way so that you won’t make them again. Holding yourself back ensures that you never learn what NOT to do. Mistakes (“failures”) are part of the learning process.

The only true failure is quitting.

Do you want leftovers or do you want to be first in line?

Do you want to be the alpha fucking attractive women right now, or do you want to be the beta picking up the scraps?

Do you want what is rightfully yours, or will you let others take it from you?

A man of value is constantly balancing his valuable time to set all of his priorities straight. He wakes up, works out, eats right, talks to women, invests in his projects, collaborates with friends, and eventually gets his well-earned rest after a fulfilling day. There is no time to waste on petty bullshit. He does not understand anything outside of his reality of producing value.

Real men are busy.


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