Are You Channeling Your Aggression Productively?

Every man has an innate drive towards aggression which can be used either positively or negatively.

Sadly, the dominant fem-centric perspective views testosterone as an evil that must be controlled and suppressed.

“Testosterone poisoning” is chidingly used as a derogatory term.

Without the positive use of testosterone, our society would not be possible. The sacrifices made by strong men enabled the rest of humanity to live less strenuously. Nowadays, people in the developed world take their comfort for granted. They have forgotten that real dangers do exist.

Before we allowed the veil of civilization to remove us from the jungle, we were much more aware of the innate brutality of the wild.

Such a dream-like existence grows increasingly out of touch with reality.

This is why it’s important for you to seize control of this force within you and place your focus towards channeling your aggression productively.

Be aggressive towards achieving your goals, not towards hurting others. Convert anger and negativity into fuel for pushing through. Living your life without expressing your inner fire leads to a dull existence.

Use your aggression to turn your mush into muscles.

Ever since I started working out regularly, I noticed my sexual energy went through the roof. This led to an increased drive to get things done in all the realms of my life. It feels stupendous to accomplish physical goals with consistency.

I feel so much more alive and ready to conquer what is rightfully mine.

The best thing any guy can do to jump-start his progress towards becoming a man of value is to work out. The hormonal changes, resulting mental clarity, and increased positive self-image accumulate into a domino effect towards overall well-being. Seeing the physical results on your body gives you a shitload of bulletproof motivation to keep move forward.

There is no reason to not work out. Who cares if you can’t bench 100 pounds… start off with what you can do and go from there.

You do not walk your path to impress others.

You do things for your own satisfaction.

Working out not only molds your body, but also your mind into that of a winner. You learn to push through the imaginary walls you have set for yourself.

You learn to be persistent.

You learn to LOVE THE BURN.

Goals are constantly set and surpassed. Progress is inevitable. Doing your absolute best fills you with self-satisfaction. There’s nothing to prove to anyone.

You are the muthafuckin king of your domain.


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  1. says

    Whatever you do, don’t listen to the haters, man. Imparting this type of knowledge and understanding will inevitably offend the weak-minded.

    As Napoleon Hill stated in his magnum opus, when you’re ready to hear the message that THIS IS ALL YOU, BABY, you will hear it and most definitely act on it. If you’re not ready, just more mental noise and yadda-yadda bullshit ensues.

    Keep writing. Because a man who is coming to his senses may be reading your articles at this moment.

  2. says

    Good post. Whenever I’m feeling super aggressive – usually because I’m after a girl and something’s in the way, or I haven’t competed in a while – lifting is such a good relief.

    Strangely, it’s also a huge help when I’m feeling lethargic and depressed.

    Basically always work out – it inevitably brings your mood closer to what you want.


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