Here’s How To Earn Respect From Others

carry yourself with respect

How to earn respect from others?

Throughout our lives we’re conditioned to give away our respect for free.

However, when a resource becomes abundant, it loses its value.

Our culture tries to value everything equally.

Weak-minded fat people are praised as if they’re disciplined body-builders.

Certain Values And Attitudes Are More Valuable
Than Others

When you live by winning principles, you naturally carry yourself with respect.

The first step towards improvement is recognizing your flaws. As soon as they’re identified, you can take action to get rid of them.

True self-respect is built over time. When you *consistently* treat yourself with respect, your self-image molds into that of a winner.

People respect those who respect themselves.

How About You Start Treating Others The Ways In Which
They Treat You?

When you meet a new person, give them a baseline of respect. Then, increase or decrease your respect towards them based on their *actions*.

If someone is courteous towards me, I’ll be courteous towards them. If someone gets all up in my business, I’ll respond in kind.

I’m cool with anyone who’s cool with me.

Wouldn’t it be so nice and wonderful if our global community could all hold hands and gather around the campfire?

Mmmmm… fuzzy feelings.

We’ve all heard the saying “treat others how you wish to be treated”.

Realistically, the snakes lurking in the grass will forever impede this wet dream from being realized. People are good and bad. We may never collectively conquer our inherent “evil” side that lurks within.

Everyone has their enemies. Humans get jealous, spiteful, and angry.

It’s Insane To Give Someone Respect
Who Doesn’t Deserve It

  • Would you respect a person who spit in your face?
  • Would you respect a person who wastes your time?
  • Would you respect a person who proves over and over again how worthless they are?

Let them live their own self-destructive lifestyles by themselves. There comes a time when the rubber (ideologies) must meet the road (reality).

Respect is one of the most important values in the world.

You don’t need to be liked.

Instead, be respected for being your best self.

Are You Strong Enough To Deflect The Opinions Of Others?

  • Own your space.
  • Strengthen your presence.
  • Carry yourself with power.

As you know, there’s a reason certain lifestyles are shunned.

The basement dwelling, chronic masturbating, 40-year-old virgin is a loser because he gives in to weakness. It takes absolutely no effort to end up on the bottom rung of society. Lack of aspiration is not to be celebrated.

If you don’t fight your way up the pyramid of VALUE, you’ll find yourself gradually (or rapidly) sliding down its sides.

When you carry yourself with respect, others treat you accordingly.

How To Earn Respect From Others – Body Language

Your body tells your story before you even say a word.

  • Do you stand straight?
  • Do you suck up to other people, trying to win their respect?
  • Do you open your body language while in public and being social?

You see, a lot of guys fail to attract women because they don’t inspire respect. And no woman wants to fuck a dude she’s unable to respect.

Closing Thoughts

Our society tells us that a lack of beta-ness means you’re a shallow “asshole”. Truthfully, you’re a man who’s unapologetic about his masculinity. An overabundance of beta traits makes you a weak-minded loser.

  • Sucking up to a girl you just met? Strike one.
  • Immediately asking her personal questions? Strike two.
  • Wearing your emotions on your sleeve? YOU’RE FUCKING OUT!

What do such attitudes tell other people?

You don’t value yourself. You try to ingratiate yourself too readily. You have no other options.

By trying to prove you’re “not like those douchebags”, you lose a good portion of your masculinity.

You’re a man, she’s a woman. You guys are biologically designed to fuck. Don’t be dishonest with your sexual imperative.

Take care of yourself and watch your world open up.


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  1. Dillon says

    Good blog and I agree with many of your ideas.

    We must however be careful not to judge another man as a loser if he is a “basement dwelling, chronic masturbating, 40-year-old virgin is a loser because he gives in to weakness”.

    This idea is social programming to manipulate people. To escape this programming, the only criteria that should be used as a person (and ourselves) being a “winner” or a “loser” is if he is happy. If the 40 year old is happy and content, he is not a loser in my book.

      • says

        This hypothetical loser would at least never reproduce or go through the divorce grinder. Or face a rape charge. I couldn’t live that live, but if he is intelligent, understands his flaws and is happy within himself, I could drink a beer with him. If he whined about chicks not liking him, he’s a loser


  1. […] Respect is everything. The only way to live is to stay true to your frame regardless of external pressure. Sucking up to perceived “higher-status” individuals simply makes you look like a loser. Your default state of mind should be that you are at the very least equal to everybody else. When you are 100% secure within your own reality, others will be unable to impose their frames upon you. An alpha does what he wants regardless of what people want him to do. Sometimes he agrees… other times he doesn’t. […]

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