The SECRET To Understanding The Reality Of Love

reality of love
What is the secret to the reality of love?

We’re conditioned to believe women love unconditionally.

You need to accept that no girl will ever be able to love you like a mother can.

Maternal love (hopefully) served its purpose during your childhood.

Adults must be able to love themselves before they’re truly able to love others.

If You’re Trying To Find Love To Fill A Void In Your Life,
You’re Going To Be Empty Forever

As a child, the love you experienced should have been enough to give you a solid foundation for the rest of your life. It can be painful to accept that you’re born alone, and that you die alone.

The crux of a high-value attitude is independence and self-sufficiency. You don’t NEED anyone. It’s important to be able to handle your business on your own.

An inability to get with/enjoy women is often reflective of much deeper issues. It’s important to evaluate where your unrealistic beliefs come from.

Do you expect a girl to love you like your mother loved you? Do you need this kind of unconditional love to sustain your fragile self-esteem?

Be honest with yourself when assessing the obstacles that block your path to actualization.

The media brainwashes us to believe in a fairytale illusion of what love actually is. This fantasy encourages simpish behavior to run rampant.

Buy this! Buy that! Your princess deserves the world!

However, no amount of material gifts will ever change a girl’s mind about not being attracted to you. She will accept the gifts, but she will not accept your penis.

If She Doesn’t Feel The Tingle, You Better Move On

Dudes make excuses for girls (especially if they’re attractive).

Maybe she didn’t get my text? Maybe she forgot about our plans?

Maybe, maybe, maybe…

If she really wanted to fuck you, she’d definitely find a way.

Guys who are “in love” are capable of even further delusion. The rose-colored glasses that they wear often obscure the obvious signs that their women are no longer interested. When the apple of their eye eventually walks out, they grovel and plead.

Apologizing for perceived faults and mistakes will only make the situation worse.

The Reality Of Love Is That She Must Bend To Fit Your Reality, Not You To Hers

Most of the “love” that is celebrated in our culture is often that of desperation and neediness.

But I love you baby!!! Please come back to me!! I promise I’ll make it work!

Utter tripe. Such pussies make fools out of themselves because they lack the abundance mentality. Fuck it. Know that you’re a fucking G. Go ahead and toss em. There’ll always be more girls… BETTER girls.

People want to show their mates off like trophies and status symbols. Men are with women for their bodies and feminine demeanor, while women are with men for their status/value.

The first thing a woman asks herself when she meets a new guy is “what can he offer me”. She will of course never admit this because it’s largely an unconscious choice.

You should ask yourself the same question.

Can she cook? Does she take care of her appearance? Will she make your life better, or will she simply bring drama to the table?

You’re above being a person’s accessory.

Love Isn’t Logical

If a girl doesn’t FEEL attraction, there’s nothing you can do to persuade her otherwise.

I find that game is a lot like turning over rocks. Your game should stay consistent. Not every girl will dig your vibe.

Girls that are truly interested will make it easy for you. The harder you try, the deeper you dig yourself into a hole.

Knowing about all the tricks and traps that women use to exploit men will give you a great advantage. Don’t waste your time or your resources.

Focus on your self, and let girls into your life when you have time for them.

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