AMAZING Inner-Game In A Nutshell

inner game

What are the aspects of solid inner-game?

What do all of these translate to?


How do you develop true self-respect?

By *consistently* carrying yourself in a valuable manner.

Build yourself up, read worthwhile books, work on your physical fitness, overcome personal challenges, actively expand your comfort zone, and get your finances straight.

Focusing on having fun will draw women towards you.

External Opinions Should Have No Effect On
Your Sense Of Self-Worth

Getting shot down a million times means nothing. Every “failure” is a lesson to be learned. You need those frames of reference. As you become more experienced, you will remember those moments of pain and (hopefully) aim to avoid making the same mistake twice.

A woman who turns you down does you a favor by letting you know she’s a waste of time.

“Failing” leaves you right where you started.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Solid inner-game lays the foundation for solid outer-game. Knowing is half the battle.

Having a strong mental base protects you from getting tooled. However, at some point you must take action and put your knowledge to the test. Learn to calibrate and develop your own approach.

There are many different styles. Find your niche.

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  1. […] Inner-game is the ultimate foundation for all the other areas of your life. Confidence in your abilities comes first. Always be striving for the best… never lose sight that your life is a project. It’s funny how omega nerds will waste thousands of hours building an online character, when they could invest the same amount of time into themselves. […]

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