How To Escape The Crabs In A Bucket

bucket of crabs
How can you escape the crabs in a bucket?

It’s crazy how much of a threat self-development is to other peoples’ realities.

They want to put you into a box of being nice (naïve), predictable, and non-threatening.

However, when you undergo a foundational-level transformation you destroy your old reality.

Ready to leave the bucket? Awesome. So read on.

When Your Old Self Dies, There’s No Going Back

As much as people try to change you, the truth has already set you free. A spirit soaring uninhibited through the world will never allow itself to be coaxed back into its previous shackles.

You’ll probably get more “shit-tests” from men than from women. However, social sensitivity enables you to pick up on more subtle signs of disrespect.

People want to test your capabilities.

It’s mostly the losers who come at you with catty passive-aggressive attitudes. The people who test you the hardest are the ones who used to know you in the past. Sometimes its better to just sever ties with those trying to hold you back.

It’s Like Crabs In A Bucket

The crabs have the means to escape their captivity, but they would rather stay miserable as a group. As soon as one crab starts to climb out, the others pull him back in.

This is reflected in social politicking.

Other people want to keep you on their level.

Don’t let em block your shine or knock your grind.

Game Recognizes Game

Among the company I keep, there’s no disrespect. Different people take different turns leading whenever the situation calls for it. Those who are self-assured don’t need to constantly turn every interaction into a dick-measuring contest.

There’s nothing to prove.

When everyone comes from a position of strength, you can treat each other as equals. My circle strives to help one another reach greatness. Petty back-stabbing attitudes have no place among us.

If you find it difficult to escape the bucket of crabs, cut certain people out of your life. These people may be former friends who you share much history with.

Throughout life, some of your greatest enemies will be disguised as friends.

A person who constantly makes stupid remarks (whether consciously or unconsciously) doesn’t deserve to spend time with you. In order to move forward, you may have to “break-up” with some of these “friends”.

The more you internalize high-value principles, the easier it is to find true friends who will help you achieve your ultimate potential. You do yourself a great disservice by associating with backstabbing conniving sons-of-bitches.

Achievement brings hate. Improvement brings hate. Outshining others brings hate.

Every Time You Do Something Positive,
There’s Always Someone Trying To Bring You Down

  • Maybe they want what you have.
  • Maybe they are jealous they are incapable of doing the same.
  • Maybe they want to take out their frustrations on someone more accomplished.

Fuck them all.

Let them drown in their cesspool of negativity. There’s nothing more despicable than a person who constantly tries to throw salt in your game.

With Attention Comes Negative Attention

This is a new beginning.

The winning philosophy will forever change the way in which you view the world.

This new lens will give you a new identity.

When your mindset changes, you realize that the bucket of crabs was an illusion all along. The bucket only exists in your head. The only way you can get dragged back into it is if you confuse the illusion with reality.

Your new-found mental strength will make passive-aggressive swipes at your identity seem laughable.

Who Is Anyone Else To Tell You Who YOU Are
Supposed To Be?

They want you to be weak.

They want less competition.

They don’t want you to be a threat.

There’s nothing more intimidating than a man who is aware of his personal power.

P.S. Tired of dealing with crabs? Click here to learn how to escape.


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    I’ve noticed a pattern in that whenever I sit down to compose something on the piano, some trivial unattended chore or menial task suddenly becomes a priority – a matter of extreme urgency. Great article.


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