The Male Gaze – Demonized Or Desired?

male gaze

During my freshman year of college, I was enrolled in a few film classes.

Instead of learning about cinematographic techniques, the classes consisted of “critical analysis of film from a feminist perspective”.

One of the films that we analyzed had a scene where the camera was fixed on a tripod and was focused on a woman’s midsection. The only article of clothing that she was wearing were her panties.

Throughout the next 15 minutes, a man’s hands slowly pulled the panties down, exposing the woman’s vagina. Once the panties were dropped, there was another 15 minutes dedicated to pulling them back up.

This entire scene was supposed to symbolize the uncomfortable nature of the dreaded “male gaze”.

The woman was solely reduced to being an object of desire.

Although I was still an idealist at the time, something about the concept of the “male gaze” stuck with me. Years later, as I re-evaluate old lessons from a realist perspective, I see things in a new light.

As Demonized As The Male Gaze Is, It Still Plays An Essential Part Of A Woman’s Life

Women thrive on attention, particularly (alpha) male attention. It’s the currency they operate on. They want nothing more than to be desired by men of value.

Women gladly objectify themselves for men who they deem their superiors. The “male gaze” is only dreaded when it’s coming from lower value men.

Why do women dress in skimpy outfits in NYC in the freezing winter time?

They want high-value male attention.

However, dressing in a revealing way will attract the male gaze from all types of men.

It’s a classic catch 22.

If only women could direct their sexuality strictly towards alphas! If only all those “other men” could just disappear!

Attracting Losers Is An Unintended Side Effect Of Trying To Snag A Winner

What do women do with all this “other” sexual attention?

They play around with it like a cat toying with its food before the kill. They lead these thirsty men on, fucking with their emotions and taking their attention for granted. Women get off on the power they hold over men with low sexual value.

How dare that loser think he has a chance with me! I’ll put him right back in his place!

The only men who are visible on a woman’s radar are perceived winners. That’s why there’s a shortage of “good men”.

The eager gaze of losers is assumed to be a constant. Their supplicating likes on social media sites are much-needed ego massages.

Crumbs Of Attention From A Winner Are Worth More Than A Loser Could Ever Give

A winner and a loser could word-for-word have the same conversation with a woman, but the sub-communications would be vastly different. Where a woman gets giddy and giggly for a winner, she barely tolerates the presence of a loser. The winning gaze is eagerly welcomed, while the loser gaze is ungratefully absorbed.

How your gaze is perceived depends on how you carry yourself.

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  1. Unending Improvement says

    By this point feminism is just a hilarious joke, although I doubt the feminists realize it yet.

  2. Man says

    Spot on. Women love to be objectified and dominated — by winners. Every single woman loves to have her arms tied behind her back with a cock in her mouth, if it’s alpha cock.


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