How To Improve Self Confidence The Simple Way


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

-Joseph Campbell

Want to find out how to improve self confidence?

The answer is simpler than you may think.

To arrive at simple conclusions, we often have to learn the hard way.

Such was the case in my own life.

In order to illustrate the point I’m about to make, I’d like to tell you a story.

When I first started reading about game in 2007, I was looking for a quick fix for my inadequacies. Little did I know, I was embarking on an intense journey of self-development.

Game showed me that I needed to deal with gaping holes in my psyche before I could reach my full potential. I was placing so much emphasis on pussy that I neglected the other pillars of life.

The Nature Of Your Sexual/Social Interactions
Reveals A Lot About Yourself

Game is all about carrying yourself as a high-value man, and in doing so, gradually becoming high-value yourself.

The more I learned, the more mental flaws I had to confront. Dealing with rejection, flakiness, dry spells, and disrespect taught me to re-evaluate my perspective. All of these things are a part of the game. Even the most seasoned players will encounter them.

The difference between winners and losers is how they react to these “setbacks”. No one should tolerate bad behavior.

The Most Important Things I Realized About Myself
Were That:

  • I viewed pussy as scarce
  • was looking for an idealized love
  • reacted too much to other realities
  • couldn’t honor my true preferences
  • cared too much about other opinions
  • and couldn’t assert my will with confidence

These were my fundamental sticking points that were holding me back in all aspects of life.

Accept Your Imperfections

I had to dive deep into my mental landscape in order to get to the root of these insecurities.

Harsh experiences forced me to acknowledge that many of my beliefs were completely fantasy-based. I wanted the world to be a certain way and attempted to rationalize accordingly. The more risks I took, the more my reality changed. There was no seduction trickery to be learned, only self-respect to be cultivated.

Nowadays if a girl doesn’t respond to my text, her number is promptly deleted.

Cultivating an air of indifference turns women on. These days, I want to get laid in general, but not with any particular woman.

“Golden Game” Isn’t What You Think It Is

(Insert Michael Jordan cliché here)

The most difficult part of the learning curve is getting over the initial hurdles. Success always breeds more success. The best way to develop your charisma is to surround yourself with naturals. Put the ego aside and confront your imperfections. “Limitations” only exist within your head.

Your journey of self-discovery may be entirely different than mine based upon your life circumstances.

When I first experienced being sexually sated, I turned my interests elsewhere.

I saw pussy for what it was…


This attitude has stuck with me ever since

I started wondering why I valued other peoples’ opinions so highly. I learned to understand the nature of love and attraction. I questioned the soundness of other peoples’ frames. I realized that the true route towards happiness and actualization is to take care of number one.

Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs, Become More Attractive

Such beliefs are false. They only exist because you allow them to exist.

After all, our world is based upon ideas. If you let low-value ideas into your head, they’ll manifest into reality.

As I grew up, I internalized the feeling of helplessness that occurred when I was unable to stand up against disrespect. These thoughts snowballed into a generalized anxiety every time I had to deal with confrontation.

I genuinely believed that I had no right to be strong because I had such a weak image of myself.

Images become reality when your mind accepts them.

Experiencing positive growth made me feel entitled to push back. I had been blind to the abundance and magnificence that surrounded my bubble of despair. My mind had made disrespect appear much worse than it actually was.

It Can Be Mind-Blowing To Re-Evaluate Past Attitudes From A Position Of Strength

Things that appeared absolutely terrible at the time are now realistically seen as insignificant.

As I’ve said many times before, the best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to actually experience all the wealth life has to offer. Even if you start out with just a taste, you’ll have more leeway for improvement.

The only real way to improve self-confidence is to face your insecurities.

Chipping away at your mental wall will eventually cause larger chunks to break away. When you catch glimpses of the other side, it becomes much easier to tear the rest of your limitations down.

Somewhere Within Your Mind Dwells A True Winner

You have the capabilities to let him out.

It’s your responsibility to find him and channel his energy.

Limitations only exist because you allow them to. Negative self-images are deceptive shadows of your true self.

We make excuses for other people when we over-value them. Don’t rationalize the bad behavior of attractive women where you wouldn’t otherwise. At some point in the game, you’ll internalize positive self-worth. When this happens, you’ll effortlessly dismiss disrespectful line-steppers and difficult people.

Don’t give any person special treatment. There’s no time or value to waste.

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