Full Circle

full circle
Things eventually come full circle.

When you first start out, you’ll probably have unrealistic expectations of what game actually is.

(I know I did).

It’s tempting to try harder to get women to see your value.


All it does is scream to the world “this guy doesn’t value himself”.

The girls I wanted gave me the cold shoulder because I put them up on pedestals. When they weren’t immediately down, I made excuses, thinking I could still win them over. Conversely, the girls I couldn’t care less about were all over me, leaving me dumbfounded.

Over the years, experience taught me that the pedestal has no basis in reality. None of those girls that I valued so highly had any virtue whatsoever.

I believed in all the myths.

My mind created imaginary archetypes of who I thought they should be.

Idealism Is Immaturity

Now I see that there is no real strategy. You don’t need to appease women. You don’t need to think of the perfect thing to say. At some point, you can “just be” (but only after your internal value has been realized).

Women work for you.

They are there to help relieve your stress, not add to it.

Spend your time building your value and women will be a lot more eager to enter your reality. Investing in yourself will cause you to naturally develop a cocky attitude.

All you can do is give them a chance. Talk to them, shoot the shit, joke around. Never take them seriously. Don’t try to impress.

No supplication. No chasing. No possessiveness. No pleading. No grovelling. No crying.

If They Want To Walk, Let Them Walk

Dudes just care too much…

They lean in when they talk. They buy drinks. etc. etc. etc.

Where did all their self-respect go?

Instead of trying harder, be willing to throw unresponsive clients away. Experience will teach you how to understand the female language.

Read between the lines.

What do her actions tell you?

Communicating with women is a lot simpler than it is made out to be. A lot of guys rationalize a lack of interest (especially from an attractive woman), and focus their attention into winning her over. This method completely buys into her frame. If you have to ask how to get a particular woman, you’ve already lost.

The only way to develop the proper attitude & mentality is to gain experience. Whether you’re shot down brutally or succeed with a triumphant liquid explosion, you’ll gain knowledge from every interaction.

Communicating With Women Should Be A Breeze,
Not An Uphill Battle

Always qualify your leads. If you don’t, you’re wasting long-term time and energy.

If asserting your frame is a constant struggle, drop the troublesome plate and walk away.

No stress.

No bullshit.


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  1. Monad says

    Numerous times I have had women show disinterest towards me, to the point that the supposed disinterest is an avoidance of showing their genuine interest. It is a protective mechanism for them. If I don’t react negatively to this ‘disinterest’ and just carry on having fun in general with all, I can see occasional spinets of interest. This is something I don’t think I’ve seen the Manosphere broach, that it is possible to draw out women who act in this way. Hey maybe they think you’re too much for them (high SMV) and ya need to let them know you’re on their level (indirectly, of course), but continuing to have fun around them will draw them out. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of the ‘male gaze’ at the appropriate moment (while she’s in a primal state, when dancing for example) and get the response of her looking back a little too long…then it’s all on, as long as you engage within a reasonable time (this is beyond the so called 3 second rule as there is a tenuous association already within a social group).

    To pass the ‘shit test’ with such girls is that you don’t give a shit about their supposed indifference towards you…only then do they give you slivers of IOI’s, but are very receptive when you do get under their skin. If girls are genuinely uninterested, they will give you NIL feminine receptiveness and will ramp up to being bitches (AKA masculinized) if you mistakenly escalate with them. Such is life, as a fallible male human beings, we can’t win em all!

    Onward and upward.


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