Love Songs and Romantic Comedies

When you are exposed to love songs and romantic comedies… flip the genders.

Songs rife with beta supplication are actually catering towards a female audience. Listening to such songs from a red pill perspective will have you evaluate the song’s true message from a female point of view. It is the female pining for an alpha, not a beta pining for an unavailable female. Listening to a bunch of this music without a critical ear will bombard you with all the wrong messages. Aside from my usual rugged mackish music, I listen to a lot of soul/r&b. I can do so because I understand the true message. I see the content matter as from the perspective of an alpha widow, not a lovelorn beta. Under no circumstance should you identify with the pleading beta mentality.

The same thing goes for romantic comedies. The “nice guy” stands in for the girl wanting the unavailable alpha. Peoples’ lives get fucked up because they try to emulate these scripts. Supplication only works if you are a girl trying to get a man.


The lesson to learn from all this “blue pill” media is that you need to be the unavailable alpha that the “girl” cries over. At the same time, if you are unavailable and don’t have any masculine power you will simply be overlooked. There has to be something left to be desired about you.


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