Money Trees! The Smarter Way to Achieve Financial Security

shaded under trees

Dreams of me gettin shaded under a money tree.

-Kendrick Lamar

The above quote comes from a song called “money trees”. I was listening to it earlier today and it left me with a very profound message.

Building up the various pillars of your life is similar to planting a tree. You make the initial investment (plant the seed), pay attention to growth, and reap the rewards (sitting in the shade).

Make sure that you water your trees regularly or else they’ll die.

Not everyone will be able to find the discipline to water all of their trees.

Are you looking after your own trees?

If you never plant the first seed, you won’t be able to reap the future rewards. The end result will be mediocrity.

Financial Security Is A Means Of Giving To Get

A person who doesn’t know what he wants out of life will have other people tell him. Others want you to become more like them.

The only way to maximize your potential is to devote yourself to your interests and be your own person.

The more you invest in your trees, the clearer the outcome becomes in your mind.

People want immediate gratification. If you want something worthwhile, you’re going to have to work for it.

You have to MAKE things happen.

The boss life is a life desired by many. It’s all about taking a spot and defending it.

Whether you want a career that’s in high-demand, want to travel the world, or want to get in shape, you need to guide your tree from seed to fruition.

Progress Stacks Up A Lot Quicker Than You Think

Even minimal investments will show dividends if you tend to them enough.

It has been pretty crazy seeing my own trees grow.

Being depressed by focusing on what you DON’T have will impede you from making further investments and may even cause you to abandon your current trees. You have to be willing to go through periods of discomfort if you truly want results.

Will you spend your paycheck at the bar or will you put it aside to develop your skills/invest it in a business?

People with poor self-control will always go for immediate satisfaction. They want to blow off some steam from tending to their trees, ultimately undoing what they worked for.

It’s all about *consistency*.

Always keep the big picture in view.

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