Here’s How To Destroy Your Limitations Today!


Coming into your power requires you to destroy the illusory hold of your previously accepted limits.

-Julia Cameron

You inhabit a neutral world.

Your thoughts/emotions color your experiences.

Your reality is determined entirely by your state of mind.

As soon as you place limitations on who you are or what you can do, your perception changes.

To Destroy Your Limitations, You Have To
Re-Frame Your Perspective

Egos are created through experience. The external world gives you feedback on who you’re “supposed to be”. Living a constant routine forces you to settle into that identity. Stepping out of the ordinary shatters this false mold, allowing you to grow in the process.

Don’t get mad at old egos – they were formed out of a smaller set of experiences. If you aren’t embarrassed at how little you knew in the past, then you haven’t grown enough.

Think about how often your world view will change throughout your life. Many of the beliefs you currently hold will morph into new ones.

I’ve destroyed my ego many times. This is why I laugh when people try to tell me who I’m supposed to be. Others don’t know shit about you or what you’ve been through – only what they can interpret about you from your situational value.

To say there are “no limitations” doesn’t mean your journey will be free from conflict. A person who’s uncoordinated will most likely not make it into the NBA.

You still need to be honest with your strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll be strong in fields where others lack and vice versa. This is why it’s pointless to compare yourself to other people. Your focus should be on building yourself up through tangible improvement.

The External World Reflects The State Of The Inner

Mindset is the ultimate foundation for all the other areas of your life. Confidence in your abilities comes first.

Always be striving for the best. Never forget, your life is a project.

It’s funny how losers will waste thousands of hours building an online character, when they could invest the same amount of time into themselves.

If you think to yourself, “only lucky people get rich”… then you’ll be waiting around to get lucky instead of taking action to make money.

There’s no one here to hold your hand. You’re entirely on your own.


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  1. Red says

    I check your blog almost daily, your posts make me think about where I’m headed….since reading your blog i have joined a gym, put a part of my income aside for my own future venture…and acquired a girlfriend…would just appreciate a reply or a email to say you got this man…..keep up the good work…

    Mr. S London, UK

    • says

      Thanks man,
      it’s crazy how life-changing the red pill is once you internalize it. I would recommend checking out the links in my blogroll (they cover many of these topics).



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