How To Flip the Script (And Have Women Chasing You!)


I talk a lil bit to get you to follow me.

-Andre Nickatina

Think about your standard emasculated manboob.

  • He grew up without proper male role models.
  • He attempts to identify with the feminine in the hopes of getting laid.
  • He places pussy on a pedestal, hoping girls will give him the time of day.
  • He’s been castrated with a lifetime of fem-centric propaganda demonizing all things masculine.

The thought of acting indifferent never occurs to him.

To Set The Correct Frame Is To Put Your Own Dick
On A Pedestal

When you think of yourself as the prize, you naturally flip the script.

Women should qualify themselves to you because your time and attention is valuable.

Finding myself at this stage in the game has made me think about the underlying dynamics that transcend traditional teachings.

I’ve been reading Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power lately and have realized that game is a small subsection of the larger utilization of power. It’s an all-encompassing way of viewing the world that transcends the ability to fuck attractive women. This is why people start to find success in other areas of their lives when they stop being idealists. All of the 48 laws are directly translatable into the realm of game.

The proper application of power will allow you to achieve far more than a high notch count.

The effective execution of power is very subtle.

The goal is to be the person holding the cards without arousing resentment.

*Game* Flips The Script By Placing The Girl
On The Defensive

There simply is no other way.

In order to have successful intersexual relations, the woman must SUBMIT.

The slightest differences in your attitude can leave you with significantly different results. The realization that power is the highest value in the world has lead me to a new crossroads in my personal journey.

Attractive women have power purely because of their looks. This is why they’re catered to on such a massive scale. Being swamped with attention causes them to have a natural aloofness towards guys who don’t meet their standards.

Mirror This Attitude Back To Them

Game is all about treating females the same way that high status (good-looking) women treat the hordes of thirsty losers trying to get some.

This makes the woman think, “why is he being so aloof and dismissive? That’s how I treat my orbiters!”

*cue qualification from her*

You cannot opt out of the game of power/value (unless you kill yourself).

  • Call it selfish
  • Call it immoral
  • Call it whatever the fuck you want…

It’s the reality of life.

Go ahead and numb all your senses. Retreat into your fantasy la-la fucking land. Your life will be a lot easier if you come to terms with this unforgiving environment.

Become Greater So Others React To You

Every single interaction is an exchange of power/value.

  • One person will react less
  • One person gives less of a shit
  • One person will have higher value

You don’t always need to be the dominant person in every interaction as long as you recognize the dynamic. There’s a time and place for everything. This is a world of appearances. Overt grabs for power are rarely appropriate.

When you provide a lot of value, the world becomes yours.

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  1. zagamaphatoadis says

    I have found this to be true in my personal life. When I first began to apply game principals to my behavior, I not only began to get more attention from girls, I began to get respect from other guys.


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