Concentrate Your Forces

It has been almost a year since my blue pill reality self-destructed (August 2012). The pedestal I had women on was nuked 1,000 times over. The fresh blank slate of my destroyed mind flipped its former script.

Instead of worshipping women, I turned this love inward and began to worship myself.

I saw my former actions for what they were… absolutely fucking pathetic.

Why was I wasting valuable time trying to chase women instead of improving my own standing?

It was the only way I was socialized

My self-esteem was entirely dependent on female approval.

It’s kind of funny how more and more attractive women are drawn to me despite the fact that I care much less about them than I used to. In my blue pill days I would anxiously walk around a party or club, looking for a girl receptive to me. It was only once I was grinding on the dance floor or making out that I could relax. It didn’t particularly matter just how attractive the woman was, as long as she wasn’t hideous.

Beggars can’t be choosers right?

Having experienced all that, I have realized that such an approach is extremely counter-productive to my forward momentum.

I would much rather read a book than waste time chasing average hoes.

My number one priority is to make money and get better at my passions. Such pursuits are infinitely more satisfying than racking up notches. I’ll still get with girls if they make it relatively easy for me… but they will always come secondary, regardless of how attractive they might be.

I do not jump through hoops. I qualify women for MY intimacy.

Focusing on self-improvement has effectively made my own cock THE PRIZE.

If a girl beats around the bush, I think to myself…

you really think you can afford to pull this shit on me?

It’s hilarious how so many of these girls just expect you to cater to their needs. I love fucking around with attention whores. It feels amazing to give them non-expected responses. Their surprised reactions put a huge smirk on my face. A girl who exhibits princess behavior is that much more receptive to your “asshole” (masculine) nature… It is up to you to set the frame that she is NOT a princess.

A pretty face is just a pretty face. Experiences and skills are forever.

When I’m out drinking with my homies, I get a nagging feeling that I should be spending my time more productively. There is no excuse for not achieving what you want in this life. Lately, all I care about is developing my personal power. I get restless otherwise. Everything else is boring and a waste of time. The older I get, the more I learn about myself and where I want to take my journey.

I want to BUILD. I want to PROGRESS. I want to EVOLVE.

How will I do so?

Dedication. Concentration. Motivation.


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