Adopt a Beta Male Today!

Put yourself in the shoes of an average woman.

You show up to a bar with a few of your girlfriends. You hope to run into a sexy stud so you can get your face painted with his protein.

Alas, there are no such men in attendance.

Instead, there are a bunch of average joes engaging in typical dick-measuring behavior. Their try-hard attempts to come off as “alpha” leave your vagina dryer than the Sahara desert.

One of the men approaches you and tries to show off by mentioning his high-paying engineering job. He ignores your obvious disinterest, pushing forward with his awkward anti-game. You immediately know that the frame is yours.

You think to yourself,

I bet he’ll do damn near anything just to get a glimpse of my vagina!

Dangling a little bit of feigned sexual interest in front of his face, he springs upon the bait.

He buys you expensive drinks all night long. He follows you around like a lost puppy. He counts the seconds until you return from the bathroom. He agrees with whatever comes out of your mouth, no matter how stupid or uninformed it might be.

There’s no shortage of supplication. The attention gravy train shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

Your hamster says

This sexually unattractive beta must have been dry for a loooong time if he’s treating me like this. At the same time, I never get this kind of validation from the alpha males who pillage my vagina and then never call me back. He’ll make a good candidate for my harem of eunuch beta orbiters. I’ll give him crumbs of sexual interest to keep him lingering, but never too much… I don’t want him to get the wrong idea!

On your way out, he nervously asks for your number. You oblige, and he texts you multiple times before you even get into the taxi.

Your girlfriends chime in,

oh my gaaawd did you see how pathetic that guy was? Suuuuch a fucking loser. He must never get any play whatsoever. He’s probably beating off to the thought of you right now.

Your homegirls already understand the necessity of beta orbiters. After all, they’ve collected quite a few of their own. As asexual as betas seem, they can still serve a purpose. Never mind the fact that you’re fucking with a desperate man’s emotions. You need to get your “needs met” above all else. It’s his own fault for not wising up to the reality of the sexual market.

You return home, sexually unfulfilled but completely validated.

Won’t you adopt a beta today?

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  1. says

    This ORBITING runs RAMPANT at my motherfucking high school. A whole new definition of ATTENTION WHORE breeding grounds.

    Makes the game a whole lot more amusing and enjoyable for meself…ahahah


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  2. […] Songs rife with beta supplication are actually catering towards a female audience. Listening to such songs from a red pill perspective will have you evaluate the song’s true message from a female point of view. It is the female pining for an alpha, not a beta pining for an unavailable female. Listening to a bunch of this music without a critical ear will bombard you with all the wrong messages. Aside from my usual rugged mackish music, I listen to a lot of soul/r&b. I can do so because I understand the true message. I see the content matter as from the perspective of an alpha widow, not a lovelorn beta. Do not identify with the pleading beta mentality. […]

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