“Creation Will Bring Out The Best In A Man!”

Happiness isn’t something you chase.

It’s a byproduct of a productive lifestyle.

Masculinity Is The Drive To Create And Build

Your very nature demands that you create something.

If you’re living below your potential, chances are you’re out of touch with your instincts.

Forget about “happiness” and focus on building.

Women are merely a distraction from greater pursuits. They’re only along for the ride.

By all means, enjoy your experiences with them but recognize that they won’t solve your problems. You can’t look to them for guidance. If a girl can’t keep up with your lifestyle, it’s time to NEXT.

  • Don’t worry about the next man.
  • Stay focused on your own lane.

Working on yourself should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks. In addition to creating goals, you create your own image as well. Your appearance is a direct reflection of your lifestyle choices and mental attitudes.

You can always tell when a person values himself.

Improvement Takes Precedence Over Women

The best part about creation is the journey never ends. The more you learn, the more you’ll realize how little you know.

The outlet for creation may change, but the creative mind never dies. Trying new things invites even more diverse growth opportunities into your life.

Reading about topics of interest always makes me stumble upon new crossroads in my personal journey. Lately, I’ve started to play chess to develop my strategical mind. I also want to learn more about copywriting so I can offer greater value.

Why would you ever jump through hoops for other people when you already have everything you need within you?

Constant creation is the best way to be happy. The more you focus on yourself, the less time there is to waste.

If a girl wants to meet up with logistics unfavorable to a bang, it’s best to stay in and focus on catching up with your personal development.


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