Step-By-Step Frame Control Part 2 – The Smarter Way To Get What You Want

A solid frame is built through experience.

When you know with 100% certainty that you’re THE SHIT, this attitude will effect all your actions and decisions.

You should act like the part you want to have, not the one you’re currently playing.

The More You Invest Into Yourself, The Easier It Becomes To Get What You Want

All a “shit test” does is try to probe for congruency with high-value. A true man of value has no problem dismissing such laughable jabs at his character. Men with game have the ability to turn ice queens into warm mounds of feminine energy.

When you focus on more important things in life such as health and money, interacting with women becomes a non-issue.

I see it as play time.

Solid Frame = Supreme Confidence In Identity

As you think so you shall become. You can either have a strong frame as a winner or as a loser.

Everything begins with your thoughts.

They shape both your perception of the world and how the world molds itself around you.

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

It’s your responsibility to decypher your own mental baggage that’s holding you back. Everyone has their own unique demons (low value thought patterns) they need to take care of.

Women Are Always Going To Need And Want

Your frame needs to be solid enough to withstand her turbulent emotions.

Who gives a fuck if she gives you attitude or changes moods on a whim?

Accept the irrationality of the female mind.

Let the droplets of chaos slide off your solid exterior.

The more you entertain drama, the more a girl will try to get away with. It’s in their nature to attempt a frame grab.

I simply see it as cute and childish. Just like disciplining an unruly child, there will be a time when you have to put your fucking foot down and properly assert your boundaries.

A Woman Without A Solid
Masculine Frame Of Reference Is Lost

Deep within the recesses of their souls, all women crave to be sucked into the world of a powerful man of value. This phenomenon is called “deep conversion”. The inverse of this process is the kiss of death for sexual relations. When a woman essentially has a man on a leash, she’ll lose all respect/attraction.

It truly is pathetic witnessing a male eagerly supplicating towards a woman.

Awwwwwww… look how cute he is! He even does tricks! Watch how high I can make him jump! Good boy!!!! If only I could get that bad boy pitbull down the street to react just as eagerly…

You have to be the beast who is not broken down/emasculated/trained.

Women will want to break you in, but you must dismiss their attempts with a resounding “NO”. Give them hope, but never surrender your power.

She must submit to YOUR FRAME. Make it clear that your cock is GODLY.

Don’t Be Overly Forceful With Asserting Your Frame

There’s nothing to prove. A battle-scarred lion lets his vibe do the talking for him. Others want his approval because he oozes value. His life story is broadcasted through his *appearance*.

Mastering the art of sculpting your appearance/frame is crucial for your success in life. It’s often not what you DO, but what you DON’T DO that makes or breaks you.

Always leave room for peoples’ imaginations to flourish.

Women in particular value a well-crafted emotional image of a person. The image others have of you is indispensable if it serves their internal needs.

Girls Will Crave Your Presence
Because Of How You Make Them *Feel*

What do the mental images of pussified males stimulate?


There’s no challenge, no excitement, nothing to be desired.

Their over-abundance of attention and ass-kissing is the equivalent of feeding the female mind McDonald’s day and night. This leaves no remaining incentive for her imagination to run after a few barely out of reach skittles on its wheel because it’s so over-gorged.

Understand her mind. Give it room to play… It needs exercise.

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  1. T says

    “Solid Frame = Supreme Confidence in Identity” My two cents on this. BIG shit tests that directly target your masculinity. These are the subversive attempts at controlling you. Masculinity can be the most vulnerable part of the male identity – “or are you not man enough”. Say a girl tells her bf to fight some guy, a direct challenge to his masculinity. He doesn’t fight – he loses masculinity ‘points’. He does fight – he bows down to her whim.

    You have to give props to such skilled psychopaths sometimes.

    Another great article keep em coming


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