Are You Fooled By False Appearances?

false appearances

The majority of mankind are satisfied with appearance, and are more influenced by the things that seem than those that are.

-Niccolò Machiavelli

This Is A World Of False Appearances

You’ll never *truly* understand a person besides yourself.

Words mask intentions under a veil of civility. It seems as if the more time you spend with a person the uglier his/her persona becomes.

But it can even be crazier than that.

The Cracks In Socially-Approved Facades
Gradually Reveal Themselves

It’s exhausting to wear social masks at all times. Eventually, people let their guards down. When they get to know you well enough, they feel more comfortable letting their real selves show.

Every person has their weaknesses. Every person is fallible.

These insecurities permeate throughout everyone’s actions. As much as people try to hide it, there’s always ONE THING they crave above all else.

Everyone wants to receive positive sexual attention from women, be on good terms with high status men, etc. Where people differ is in the degree to which they want a certain type of validation/pleasure.

This ultimate desire varies from person to person. Oftentimes, this specific longing is something we didn’t experience enough of earlier in our lives.

We frequently write off other peoples’ weaknesses because we only see the positive facade they’re successful at upholding. When we see how the “sausage is made”, the illusion is lost.

Adapt Your Expression To The Nature Of The Situation

You must appear to be confident regardless of how you actually feel. No one truly knows you… They just have an INTERPRETATION of you based upon your social projection…

You have a lot more control over this interpretation than you think.

You must keep people at an optimal distance based on how well their personality synchronizes with yours/how beneficial their association with you is. Never accept things that bleed value into your life. You don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. Some people may talk a good game, but their true colors always show when you observe their actions.

Where Words Deceive, Actions Do Not

You must become the master of your own appearance.

Understand when it’s personally advantageous to act a certain way. Don’t be ashamed for having moments/feelings of weakness at times. However, you must largely keep such things hidden from public view.

Life is a stage – and YOU are the star.

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