Is Pimpin Easy?


I recently finished the book Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim.

It’s a fictional autobiography about one of the most notorious pimps of all time.

I discovered that the rules of pimpin and the rules of game/power are nearly identical.

While reading this book I immediately identified certain dynamics (alphas, betas, frame control, gina tingle, push/pull, etc.) present throughout the story.

The book gives you a visceral look into the complex mind of a pimp.

How Is A Pimp Made?

The story begins with Slim describing his childhood, where his alpha father left his mother. Looking for a way to sustain herself, Slim’s mother married a loving beta provider. This new stepfather loved his family unconditionally.

There was only one problem – He didn’t give Slim’s mother the tingles.

Soon thereafter, she latched herself onto the nearest abusive bad-boy, allowing her impulses to destroy Slim’s happy childhood. The resulting resentment Slim felt stuck with him for the rest of his life.

Circumstance and desire caused Slim to get into the game.

A Pimp Has No Illusions About The True Nature Of Women

After all, a pimp is simply a whore who has flipped the script on whores.

A square (beta) is a pussy who lets a woman pimp on him for his resources. Squares fail to realize that women develop feelings as a result of being dominated, not out of being catered towards.

A cougar ex-prostitute named Pepper took Slim under her wing and brought him into her world of S&M. Shortly thereafter, he started catching feelings.

Another pimp told him that Pepper had many men on rotation. Slim was crushed, but his knowledge was growing.

Once a girl sees you as a sucka, there’s no going back. It’s better to start fresh on a new girl.

Slim wanted to tighten up on his mackin so he ended up seeking out some older mentor pimps who schooled him to the rules of the game. The first thing that Slim noticed was that they would barely emote.

Be The Master Of Your Emotions

Anger can be expressed, but it must be controlled.

Slim’s mentors told him,

Stop flashing that sucka smile all the time! No one takes a nigga like dat serious.

There ain’t no love in dis shit. You got to know your women, but your women cannot know you.

You gotta be a god all the way. That’s how you have to portray yourself. Don’t act quickly and irrationally by making a bitch-ass emotional scene.

Your Women Live To See You Slip Up

Talking about unnecessary shit makes you seem jealous and insecure. Situations arise to test your resolve.  Weaknesses are easily exploitable once they’re discovered.

You must be ice cold.

An older pimp told Slim about the importance of controlling your mind. The mind is a theater that is inherently a blank screen. You’re the boss of the whole got-damn show.

You always have to think like an optimist.

Negativity and paranoia impede your abilities. Mental strength precedes physical strength because it’s more effective to wield and expends less effort.

Game is a war of mentalities. Slim knew exactly what to say and when to say it. His words stuck into his bitches’ minds like a rusty hook. No matter what a hoe tried to tell him, Slim would always ruthlessly assert his frame over hers.

One of his hoes demanded that he have sex with her.

He immediately told her,

Bitch… I will fuck you when I FEEL like it. Now go and get me my scratch. I ain’t gon tell you again.

When she continued to give him attitude, Slim made it clear that he was not afraid to lose her.

Bitch… without me you are a funky zero.

She responded,

Are you really going to let me go daddy? Please! I promise I’ll be good!

The More You Push, The More She Pulls

A pimp gives a woman guidance. He only acts nasty when he has to be. He rewards and punishes accordingly. Females gravitate towards him because his frame is powerful and unwavering.

He asserts his reality until his leadership is accepted. If a woman disrespects his dominance, she’s phased out.

I’m not going to ruin the ending for you, because I highly recommend anyone interested in the dynamics of game to read this book.

PS. Read Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim.


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