How To Smash Competition And Chump Tests

In your journey towards reaching your full potential, you’ll develop an acute awareness of social dynamics.

Manginas and losers will stick out like sore thumbs.

Some men will be peaceful and inspiring, others will be back-stabbing and conniving.

However, possessing the ability to recognize attacks on your cred doesn’t mean you should mindlessly react.

A Pecking Order Is Always Established In
Every Single Social Situation

This is done in either in a subtle or not-so-subtle way.

As your presence grows, other dominant men will feel threatened by you.

At that point you’ll have effectively become competition to them. They’ll then try to lower your value by putting you through “chump tests” (busting your balls).

This is similar to how girls “shit test” you for your value.

All they’re looking for is congruency.

How Do You Deal With Jabs At Your Frame?

A chump test is typically a backhanded sarcastic comment hidden beneath a veil of plausible deniability.

Nice hat bro… did you get that from MC Hammer?

Their goal is to get you to qualify yourself to them.

If you feel the need to prove your worth, you’ll fail the chump test. Confidence destroys petty stabs at your ego.

Repeated positive external feedback allows you to fully internalize a healthy sense of self-worth.

Go ahead and laugh at those who question your reality.

When you understand that you’re capable of greatness, have fucked attractive women, and don’t have anything to prove to complete strangers, you can act as freely as you like.

Let your reality be supreme to yourself.

Anyone who doubts you simply doesn’t understand the life you live.

Surprisingly enough, there are guys who can typically withstand chump tests yet crumble when facing female shit tests. They’re afraid to offend and aren’t willing to ruin their limited sexual options. If you live in such a reality, the best thing to do is take a risk.

Cut them off from your attention.

Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold.

You should be walking away from women all the time unless their affection is worthwhile enough to keep you around.

If you can’t handle chump/shit tests, then you aren’t fully secure within a high-value reality. A man who is aware of his value knows exactly what he brings to the table.

When You Truly Don’t Aim To Win Approval, You Tend To Befriend Others By Default

Show respect to those who respect you.

If another guy tries to passive-aggressively get under your skin, simply let your amused mastery shine. Learn to genuinely give no fucks. Let “alpha” chumps wear themselves out with their try-hard antics.

Don’t let anyone stop you from getting yours.

P.S. A great resource for dealing with conflict is the book “Gorilla Mindset” by Mike Cernovich. It contains lots of fascinating information about developing a winning mentality.

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  1. says

    Great Post!

    I like the phrase ! “A Man who is aware of his value knows exactly what he brings to the table” Real Talk! It`s only until then that dudes will reach full fledged Mackdom!

  2. GM says

    I love your blog, and it has real potential to be one of the all time great game blogs, but to reach that level you should a) post more often; b) get involved in the manosphere on Twitter and market it that way. i understand if you don’t give a shit and you’re just doing this as an outlet for your thoughts, but it’d be cool to see you get the recognition you deserve.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. TrickyDicky says

    Agree with the poster above.

    You’ve got great advice. I’ve learnt game is ultimately the journey to becoming a man. Most “men” are in fact boys trapped in adult bodies and are therefore unable to handle the realities of life and the emotions it entails. Good game = high emotional intelligence = fulfilling existence.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll be back for as long as you keep posting.


  1. […] I have gotten more “shit-tests” from men than from women. This newly acquired social sensitivity has enabled me to pick up on more subtle signs of disrespect. People want to test your alpha capabilities. It’s mostly the betas that come at you with catty passive-aggressive attitudes. The people that test you the hardest are the ones who used to know you in the past. Sometimes its better to just sever ties with those that try to hold you back. […]

  2. […] As my beta aura began to fade, I began to enjoy life on a much greater level. The more success I had with women, the more confident (“douchier”) I became. This change sent shockwaves throughout my old reality. “Friends”, family, and foes all reacted with surprise when I stopped giving a shit what they thought about me or who they wanted me to be. Blue-pill friends quickly faded away because we could no longer relate to one another. While they smoked weed and played video games all night, I started to read books more often and increasingly dedicated time towards developing my skills. My family became worried that I didn’t give a fuck about the beta script anymore. Foes were flabbergasted that I would actually stand my ground and not let anyone tell me what to do …. […]

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