“Meditations” – Book Review


Meditations is a collection of personal musings from a Roman emperor.

It explains his philosophy on life.

The book was written while he was engaged in numerous military campaigns.

The constant possibility of meeting a violent death significantly contributed to his perspective.

This book Is Very Helpful For Developing Your Mindset

There’s a lot of overlap between Aurelius’ philosophy and the principles advocated by game. After all, game is life.

A major theme throughout the book that coincides with game is *stoicism*.

Stoicism is a significant part of game/masculinity. The essence of stoicism is to accept all external events. Live in peaceful unity with what must be. You must strive to remove all irrelevant clutter from your life and mind. There can be no surplus words or unnecessary actions.

Praise is an example of the extraneous. The object of praise always remains the same.

Ask yourself, does anything genuinely beautiful need supplementing?

Another example of unnecessary thought is moralization. Keep in mind that issues take precedence over phrasing.

Words are just a means of expression – they exist simply to bring a point across.

Be attentive to the power inside you and worship it sincerely. To worship it is to keep it from being muddled with turmoil and becoming aimless and dissatisfied with nature.

Don’t let others hold you back. If a particular evil isn’t of your doing, it shouldn’t bother you. True good fortune is what you make for yourself. Don’t be ashamed to need help from time to time. Things that make you break trust, lose your sense of shame, or make you show hatred, ill will, and suspicion don’t do you good.

You can’t blame your past selves for mistakes. You lived your life by what you knew at the time.

Treat yourself with respect instead of entrusting your happiness to the souls of others.

No One Can Harm You Besides Yourself

The only way you can possibly be harmed is if your reaction overpowers you. A person with bad traits doesn’t deserve your trust. A given person will act a given way. You only have yourself to blame for expecting them to act differently. There’s nothing manly about responding to their fuckery with rage.

If anyone hates you, that’s their problem. People act out of ignorance, against their will. People are meddling, ungrateful, jealous, arrogant, and dishonest because they can’t tell good from evil.

Everyone has a different sense of morality because our souls are cut off from the truth. The wrongdoer has a nature related to your own.

Everyone possesses a share of the divine.

Humans Are Linked Through The Collective Mind

To obstruct each other is unnatural. Forgive others, but keep your distance. Know when to push and when to back off. Keep track of your own soul instead of the souls of others. Do your own work, mind your own business, and have no time for slanderers.

As humans, there are certain biological needs that we must attend to. Handle material comforts without arrogance and without apology.

Take advantage of what’s in front of you – if it’s gone, there’s nothing to miss.

Taking simple pleasures and needs to the extreme will diminish your quality of life.

Nature sets limits on hedonistic pursuits such as eating, drinking, and sleeping, but never on work. Hard work is meaningless without purpose. Our worth is measured by what we devote our energy to. Strive to accomplish things with grace and honor.

To love yourself means that you need to love your nature and what it demands of you. Concentrate on what’s in front of you with seriousness. You must free yourself from distractions.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Live A Satisfying Life

What is outside your mind means nothing to it. True slavery is the self-enslavement of the mind to emotion and desire.

Life is only perception. Disturbance comes only from within – from your own perceptions.

You must control your thoughts – it’s all that protects your mind from false perceptions.

Accept the limits placed on your body and the limits placed on your time. External things cannot harm you.

Harm exists in your capacity to see it. Everything is just an impression.

Eliminating everything extraneous from your life gives you more time and more tranquility. Remove unnecessary assumptions in order to eradicate the unnecessary actions that follow.

The span in which we live is small. Life is a sprint for the finish. You must use your time to free yourself.

Time has already erased so much – old connections, cultures, etc.

What’s the difference between three days of life and three generations?

All you can ever lose is an instant. The future and the past are both infinite.

What exists is ordered and harmonious. Things gravitate towards what they were intended for. The universe assigns each thing what it deserves. We live in a harmony of opposites. Lower things exist for the sake of higher ones, and the higher ones for the sake of each other.

Treat Each Thing As It Deserves

The universe will make use of you regardless, so it’s essential that you’re conscious of the role you’re playing. Some roles exist strictly for laughs (land-whales, losers, etc.).

Every event is the right one. It was for the best, so nature had to do it. Everything has always been the same, and keeps recurring.

Nature loves to alter what exists to make new things of it. The world is maintained by change. That’s all existence is.

Every transformation is a form of death. It’s completely natural. Everything will eventually vanish, just like those who experience life will vanish.

Fame is temporary. It’s not a goal to strive towards. Fame in a world like this is worthless.

Lasting reputation is oblivion. You must remain indifferent to superficial honors.

Recognize What You Need To Be Doing And Who You Need To Be Doing It With

The whole does nothing that doesn’t benefit it. The parts of the whole are meant to transform. Each of us needs what nature gives us, when nature gives it. A healthy mind should be prepared for anything.

Whatever happens has always happened and always will – It’s necessary and familiar. Everything that happens to you has been waiting for you since the beginning of time.

Death is merely a process of nature. Death is the end of sense-perception, of being controlled by our emotions, of mental activity, and enslavement to our bodies.

Think of yourself as already dead.

You’ve already lived your life, now take what’s left and live it properly.

All you can give up is the present. It’s only an instant. What you don’t have, you can’t lose.

Confidence is a matter of perspective. Self-imposed stress is only real to you. Your emotional interpretation of life isn’t objective reality.

Stoicism strives to remove this unnecessary disconnect.

Don’t eliminate all of your emotions but rather aim to control them in an effective manner. There’s no need to react to anyone but yourself.

P.S. Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.


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