Step-by-Step Frame Control Part 3 – What Effect Does It REALLY Have?

frame control 3
You can only end up in a girl’s frame if you’re afraid to lose her.

As soon as you see a girl as non-replaceable, you start making excuses for her bad behavior. You try to demonstrate your unconditional love by rewarding her with your attention when it’s unwarranted. You start looking to her for guidance because you can no longer imagine your life without her.

I remember when I first got into the game, I would make endless excuses just because I had a girl giving me female attention. I was willing to do almost anything just to hold on to it.

As Soon As A Girl Becomes “Your Everything”,
She Will Very Quickly Lose Interest

You see, frame control is about living life out of YOUR reality.

A man who’s content with himself has no problem regulating on bad behavior because he has standards for the people he invites into his life. He doesn’t associate with anyone unless they add positive value.

It doesn’t matter if a girl is attractive and meshes well with his personality – he’ll toss her if he needs to.

FRAME is the most crucial element guiding you through your life.

A strong reality sucks others into it.

It’s fairly easy to determine the individual who controls the hive-mind in a given social situation. Others defer to the greatest intensity of will and let it dictate their reality.

It takes less personal power to be a follower than a leader.

Seduction Is An Interaction Of Frames

A shit test serves to test the strength of your frame. If you’re secure enough within a dominant reality, shit tests simply don’t register.

It’s cute that she’s trying to get you to differ to her. You can even call her out on it in a playful way and pet her on the head like the little kitten she is.

Even grown women like to be treated like they’re 8 years old.

Girls aim to reduce sexual tension throughout the mating dance by throwing out beta bait (fishing for compliments, demanding you apologize for an insignificant matter, asking you to do shit for her, etc.). Such seemingly benign remarks and requests can quickly ruin the vibe you’ve built.

If you still have beta tendencies, it might be EXTREMELY tempting to reassure her you’re “not like other guys” by trying to hide your sexual desires. Every single shit test you swat away only serves to BUILD the tension. The girl WANTS to become attracted to you, and she’s giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your high value.

This Whole Process Is Very Simple
Once You Get Used To Holding Your Ground

It may take quite a few experiences for you to realize that being the safe beta will get you nowhere except for the friendzone. You don’t NEED to prove your devotion, you don’t NEED to show your provider potential, and you sure as fuck don’t NEED to disregard your desires.

No woman will ever respect a man who allows her needs (emotional intimacy) to take precedence over his own (fucking).

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  1. says

    Nice! You’ve given a no BS, to the point explanation of something it has taken others whole seminars to explain. For years it has made sense to refer men to David for understanding. Now, you’ve made it clear in a few paragraphs. Great work!

  2. TheBiggestPimp says

    Dude, keep on writing the truth. Don’t you ever stop! I can relate to everything you write because I had to learn it the hard way. I’m overflowing with high value. I’m a real pimp, you know what I’m saying. I’m the star and I decide who can be in my life and who can have a few minutes of my precious time. The most can’t. I’m ice-cold, man.

    Looking forward to your next post, bro.

  3. RS says

    Sup, post again soon man I check your blog everyday you post some real shit proper gets me fired up and thinking differently .


  4. James says

    Love this:

    “A man who is content with himself has no problem regulating on bad behavior because he has standards
    for the people he invites into his life. He has no use for other people unless they are contributing to his life in a POSITIVE MANNER.”

  5. Don Draper says

    “No woman will ever respect a man who allows her needs (emotional intimacy) to take precedence over his own (fucking)”

    I had to learn this in very brutal way so this really resonates with me. I just found your blog today but I’m already a fan, keep up the great work man


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