“What’s The Value Of Time?”

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Another friend of mine just passed away.

This was not the outcome of one-itis gone wrong… Sometimes death creeps up on us in unpredictable ways. The last time I saw him was a few months ago. He was so vibrant and full of positive energy. I would have never expected that a rare blood illness would end up taking him from the world before the end of the year.

Moments like these remind me of my own mortality and what I want to achieve out of life.

Every single hour is a unit of life. It’s non-refundable.

The Value Of Time Is What You Make It

Time is a resource not too many people realize the full value of. It seems like most people simply piss away their time with useless activities such as watching TV.

The more you value your time, the more you’ll intend to achieve.

Why spend time consuming useless media when you could be reading a book about philosophy, working out, or plotting your next business move?

Time doesn’t matter much when you’re younger because you have less responsibility. When you have work, your mission, and assets to build/maintain, there’s no time to waste on petty bullshit.

If a girl can’t get with your schedule, there’s no “breathing room” to accommodate her lifestyle.

You Own Value Comes Before Anything Else

Let a girl chose – If she ain’t with the program let her lose.

Give girls opportunities, but never make them a priority. It’s funny how so many of these girls are dependent on other people for their happiness.

My last girlfriend couldn’t handle the fact that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my happiness for her own. I guess that’s why she’s now my ex… hahahahah.

Dudes have been indoctrinated to value mediocre pussy (which most of it is) over their own lives. Their value system is completely out of whack.

The More Experiences You Go Through,
The Less Fucks You Give

If you could potentially die within the next few weeks of some sudden and rare disease, why would you care about anything besides your personal mission?

  • How can the highlight of a person’s life be winning a game of trivia at the local bar?
  • Why do people achieve a certain salary and then spend the rest of their lives doing nothing?
  • If you got hit by a car tomorrow, how would you reflect on your life as you die by the side of the road?

Just the other day, I was crossing the street and an incompetent driver came fairly close to hitting me.

Life throws a lot of unexpected shit your way – some of which you might not ever come back from.

People spend their time living fairly idle until jarring experiences wake them the fuck up (if only temporarily). Some people crave this constant feeling of danger (feeling alive) and become andrenaline junkies.

Life Begins At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

Living in comfort is stagnation/death because nothing’s changing. You must accept the external world in all its glory, even if it means dealing with confrontations and unpredictable danger.

Much of society lives in their white-picket bubbles of safety. People want to be removed from uncomfortable facts of life.

I feel like death is taboo because most people don’t want to reflect on their lives. They want to live in a haze of good-feelings where nothing can hurt them. I remember thinking the same way, but then I grew the fuck up.

Since Time Is The Currency Of Life, You Must Choose
How To Invest It

Nobody can decide how to live your life except for YOU. There will be an insane amount of external pressure because other people want you to embody their life choices. They want to feel as if the choices they have made are valid.

As for me, I only know how to live my life a certain way. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about fantasy football, world of warcraft, keeping up with the kardashians, or any of that other drivel.

If people want to invest their “valuable” time into time-sinks, they are free to do so. I don’t hate any person who invests their time differently than me.

Who am I to tell them how to live their lives.

If those things make them happy, they should go ahead and indulge. I’ll be working on multiple side projects, stacking money, and aiming to become a better me every single fucking day of my life.


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  1. California's Biggest Pimp says

    Another true post, bro. Fear of death is also the reason why most individuals swallow some promissory religious narratives to cherish the illusion of eternal life.

    Fear of death ranks on a 10 on the psychological scale of anxiety. It fuels everything we do. We do things because we are afraid that we will not be able to do it later.

    But you live every single day to the fullest, so do I! Death need not be feared if you live every single day to the fullest! Death belongs to our life. Death makes life beautiful, and I think after you accept that it very well could be the very end, life becomes so much more real.

    Most people simply piss away their time with useless activities such as watching TV because it is a rewarding activity for the brain. We do things that stimulate our brain and avoid things that don’t. Many individuals prefer watching TV or (even worse) playing video games to living every single day to the fullest because it is the easiest way to activate the dopamine pleasure circuit.

    Society wants us to watch tv because of the commercials. Gotta get us to buy everything.


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  2. […] Handling shit entirely on your own forces you to look after yourself. It allows you to discover your value because you are tested on a daily basis. This is why I have ZERO tolerance for bullshit and flakiness. If people don’t want to respect my time how can I respect theirs? I am not going to beg anyone to hang out with me because my time is theirs to win. […]

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