Expand Your Comfort Zone Part 2

What does vulnerability mean to you?

Expanding your comfort zone is about being real

Why would you give a stranger special treatment?

Why would you pretend to identify with their tastes only to achieve momentary approval?

People will love and hate you no matter who you are. You might as well be the REAL you and be hated for what you actually believe in.

The problem with emasculated chumps is they censor themselves too much, causing them to lose a true sense of self.

Your real self is one of the greatest gifts
you’ve ever been given

You will be surprised how much further you will get in all areas of life when you stop trying to kiss ass all the time. Don’t be ashamed of your honest opinions. You don’t need constant approval from women.

Imagine if you sucked up to another guy all the time.

How do you think he would perceive you?

Does he have any reason to give you a morsel of respect?

It’s obvious you don’t even respect yourself if you have to beg others to like you. I read a post on Wallstreetplayboys the other day which mentioned that, “a man who is afraid of rejection is still a boy.” I felt the power of this quote and have been reflecting on it ever since.

Understanding “failures” as learning experiences is an important mentality to have.

Constantly seeking the approval of other people will earn the respect of no one. It’s painfully obvious when someone is a try-hard. A man who carries himself with supreme confidence inspires the same sentiment in others.

You should have no problem telling it like it is. There should be no need to pretend to be anyone else.

The problem is, some people have severe inner-game issues making their genuine selves unattractive

You can be honest about expressing your tastes, but you shouldn’t let others know about your insecurities.

Most people tell on themselves… especially when they’re drinking.

There’s an insane amount of information you can learn about others just by listening. Separate yourself from the blabbermouths. Your reputation must precede you. The world doesn’t need to know about your inner battle.

After all, it isn’t you against the world… it’s you against your self.

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