Are You Stuck With A Victim Mentality?

victim's mentality
Too many people carry themselves through life as victims.

“Victims” want their struggle to be acknowledged by others. They want to feel like special snowflakes for having to endure an unforgiving reality.

Regardless what your life is like, there is ALWAYS
someone worse off than you

The thing is, every single person in the world has their own “sob story” but the difference lies in whether they emphasize it or not.

Everyone has SOMETHING lacking in their lives…

What if you were the son of a multi-billionaire who had all of his material comforts taken care of but didn’t have a healthy emotional connection with his family?

What if you were a kid from a favela who had a rich social life but had to endure dismal living conditions?

It is highly likely that your life will never be 100% perfect. Think of the glass that is half full/half empty. To me, it is entirely full because the air fills the rest of it.

There will always be some sort of lack in your life, but it is this lack that drives us forward. We get used to our lifestyles and grow hungry for change.

Lack is not necessarily a bad thing. The only thing bad about it is when you focus exclusively on that lack instead of the abundance around you.

Happiness/satisfaction is entirely dependent on your mentality. Even if you had to endure unspeakable horrors, you can still flip the script in your mind that you are NOT a victim. My grandparents went through hell on earth during WWII, yet they are some of the happiest people I’ve ever met in my entire life.

It is delusional to believe you will make it through life unscathed.

Struggle is an unchangeable fact of existence

When I was younger, I focused exclusively on the lack of women in my life. I had everything else handled…. family, friends, material comforts, etc. But I couldn’t confidently flirt with women because I lacked inner-power. Dwelling on this lack made me feel like shit about myself, further eroding the rest of my confidence. Now that I have women, I see that there are always other problems that need to be handled (car needs repairs, friends pass away, etc).

If you felt sorry for yourself every single time you had to take care of something, you would never get anywhere with yourself. A victim mentality is out of touch with reality because it disregards the fact that every single other person always has some sort of problem they are dealing with. Your “problems” do not make you unique and they are not particularly harder to overcome than the next man’s.

A “victim’s” mind lacks proper perspective

How will you ever make it in this life if you keep feeling sorry for yourself?

Do you really think you are THAT unique that your “problems” have never been experienced before?

People have bounced back from MUCH worse.

Pain builds character.

Pain inspires motivation.

Be mindful of your self-narrative and how your mind tells your story.


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  1. dj says

    Yup, me too. Love your writings and believe me, they HAVE helped me. Its like I was destined to find exactly what I had needed from you/this website…Thanks

  2. Biggest Pimp says

    You’re touching upon an important topic. The “victim-issue” that you’re talking about is the main reason why people are depressed.

    They feel unfairly treated by life. But life is NOT INTENDED to be fair. As my biggest influence, Mickey Royal, writes in the “Pimp Game” – Book: Life can’t be something that it was not intended to be. Asking “Why isn’t life fair?” or in other words “Why ain’t I winning?” is just as silly as asking the Lexus dealer “Why isn’t this a Cadillac?”.

    Because it’s not, nor was it ever meant to be. The designers of the Lexus had the Lexus only in mind during its design. Life was never intended to be fair, it was intended to be lived.

    Life is a gift. Imagine it’s Christmas and you buy someone a gift. Now imagine that this person constantly complains about the gift. Would you ever do anything for this person again? This ungrateful person did nothing to deserve this gift and he wants more or something different/better. Doesn’t that attitude make you want to take the gift back?

    People with “victim’s mentality” don’t know/understand the simple rules of this life. Either you play by these rules or you wander aimlessly through life unhappy because you have a precious gift and don’t understand the directions.

    Life is so simple: The more you value yourself, the more you will be valued by others. Period.


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