How Our Universe Is A Classroom For Consciousness

The universe is a classroom for you to expand your consciousness.

Everything that you’ve experienced was necessary to get to this point. Life presents you with situations conducive to developing an enlightened mentality.

Things are attracted into your life based upon your state of mind. Seek and you shall find.

For every moment of pain, there are millions of opportunities for triumph.

The Possibilities Are Infinite

Although we’re all one, you can’t direct your focus towards everything and everyone. Each person plays their own role, and it’s up to you how to play yours. No matter how much you try to hold back, your genuine self will eventually bubble to the surface.

It’s crazy how much my current life resembles the one I had envisioned a few years ago. It’s almost identical just because I took the proper actions to set myself upon the right trajectory.

What’s sketched in the mind becomes realized through your actions.

When thinking about the future, people think that things will simply “fall into place” without having to do anything about it. Everyone likes to envision that their personal future will be prosperous, but they never take any steps to get there.

You can’t accomplish anything without a plan. Break your larger goals into smaller workable ones and watch the progress accumulate.

There are billions of things in common between what you like and who you are. You’ll notice certain memes resurfacing throughout your reality because that’s what your mind’s attracted to. Your path becomes clearer as your mind becomes increasingly illuminated.

Everyone Will Have All The Experiences
They NEED To Have

If you aren’t getting anywhere with your life, it just goes to show that you don’t have the proper motivation/hunger to achieve more. Believe it or not, the simplest choices throughout your day can greatly alter your trajectory. Instead of playing GTA V, I am writing this blog entry because I feel it’s more beneficial for my long term well-being.

All the people you encounter in life will be necessary because their interactions with you (both positive and negative) aid in your journey.

The only people who are prominent in my reality are people who contribute to my life in a positive manner.

If you can help me get money, get girls, or if you simply emanate positive energy, you’re more than welcome. All the other people I encounter are just bystanders. They have their own reality tunnels to be concerned with. Their goals/interests don’t mesh with mine.

You don’t have to relate to everyone’s experience.

People can escape from poverty when they develop a mentality conducive to success. It’s much harder to rise to the top if you’re at the very bottom because of the lack of access to proper resources. People who are born rich will stay at the top because they have strong networks that take care of them.

Power And Wealth Accumulate Within Social Circles

A strong mentality may not always get you EVERYTHING out of life, but it will get you a tremendously further than if you constantly feel sorry for yourself. You make millions of choices throughout every day, and each choice will either move you closer or further away from your ideal reality.

The choice is yours.


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  1. Biggest Pimp says

    “The choice is yours.” Short but fraught with meaning. Because it is your choice indeed, you’re not dependent on “luck” or “misfortune” if you want to have success.

    Before I became a successful player, I thought luck and misfortune existed. This was fatal. Because it makes you passive and it makes you a “victim” that considers himself a jinx, a pawn in the hands of luck and bad luck.

    The so-called “lucky devils” are simply optimists and self-confident. They don’t use bad luck as an excuse for their own mistakes. The truth is that nobody on this earth is born as a lucky devil or as a jinx. Somebody should remove these two words from our vocabulary because this mentality is fatal.

    Self confidence is the key to everything. If you feel good about yourself, everything else will fall into place. If you treat yourself like a king, women will notice this and honor you like a king. If you want to sell a product and market is as the most precious luxury article, people will buy it, even if it’s not better than other products. Because consumers buy brands that make them feel good about themselves (personal satisfaction) and that make them look good in the eyes of their friends and peer groups (social satisfaction).

    Dream big! I see no reason why not to want the best. A king deserves a palace.


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