Into the Abyss

Ah the classic struggle between growth and comfort.

Do you settle for a “safe” and predictable routine or do you accept the risks of stepping outside of your comfort zone?

My life has fallen into stagnation over the past few months. I’ve been making money, I’ve been fucking girls, yet I feel as if something is missing…

The excitement of the unpredictable.

The last place where I want to be is in some menial lifestyle that vastly under-values my potential.

It just so happens that I came across a unique business opportunity within the past week. I have a chance to interview with a company for a job that would utilize a creative skillset of mine that I am very passionate about. Taking this job would force me to move to a very large city where I don’t know anyone.

Should I put myself to the test by striding confidently into the concrete jungle, or should I let this opportunity pass me by and allow myself to get swallowed by the swampy waters of homeostasis?

Even though my inner red pill is screaming out for me to say “fuck it” and go, this is not an easy decision.

Too late.

The choice has already been made. I am here in the city, and I have been homeless for the past few days. I drove down here with a suitcase of clothes, my laptop, my phone, and no place to stay.

The company is feeling me out to see if I am a good fit for them, so it would have been foolish to agree to a housing situation before I left. While I could always rent a hotel, it would not be a wise move to throw my savings out the window this early in the game.

The future has been looking uncertain, but I have faith in myself that I will overcome whatever the world throws at me.

Oddly enough, I feel good. I feel challenged. But most of all… I FEEL ALIVE.

It seems as if everyone ends up with the role that they deserve. Reality is perfect whether you like it or not. Every event is necessary, even if you cannot initially comprehend why. You have to take what is rightfully yours. Those who back down without a fight will never get to experience the life they truly desire.

There are a whole bunch of possibilities out there that most people will never be aware of.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you learned to love the struggle.

You have to make sacrifices to move forward.

I say fuck short-term comfort and bring on the long-term growth. Pushing myself is necessary for my well-being. When all your bridges have been burned, there are no more options left but to move forward with your journey.

I have found a strange sense of peace and tranquility among the uncertainty I am facing. Deep down, I know everything will be ok. I will find my way through this abyss. My path is faintly illuminated, and there will probably be a lot of detours, but I will ultimately emerge as a proud and self-actualized MAN who decided to do something with his life.


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