You better have more than you show and speak a lot less than you know.

Every person who is a part of your reality is a different manifestation of the same self. The people who are attracted to your lifestyle share similar traits with you. It’s vital to spend time around other men of value. Never let lames infect your thought patterns. You have to block them out.

Don’t push people away until they give you reasons to.

Friendship is not a charity operation. I have shit to do with my life. I don’t have time to babysit people or feel sorry for them (both male and female). Their struggle is not your responsibility. I don’t save hoes or pussy-ass dudes. Spending too much time with losers will have you identify with their overall mentality.

Your social circle enhances the traits you guys share.

You will become whoever you need to become. This whole time I felt as if my inner-game was just waiting to blossom. I saw the blueprint in my head for years but was too pussy to activate it. I was too loyal to my ego and was tied to preconceived notions of identity forced upon me by social conditioning.

This mental imprint was shattered when I opened my eyes. There is still a long road ahead, but I have a much clearer perception of what I need to be doing with myself. I will find my place in the energy field among positive people who want to move forward and build. Everything will come in due time as long as you discipline yourself and look at the bigger picture.

The only thing that ultimately matters is survival. The world is a fucked up place, and you need to do whatever it takes to survive. “Game” is similar to politics. Everything is smoke and mirrors. I feel as if you will never truly know anyone besides yourself.

Living by myself in one of the world’s largest cities forces me to adapt. I don’t have a social circle and I don’t have any sexual prospects. Everything needs to be built from the ground up. I cannot look to anyone for direction besides myself.

Most people want to be freed from the burden of choice, and would often rather have someone else make their decisions for them.

The majority of people don’t interact with strangers/strike up conversations, and would rather spend their lives within the comfort of their respective social circles. Some social circles are extremely rigid. Such a lifestyle is insanely restrictive. People like that limit their life experience for the sake of feeling comfortable.

You must separate yourself from the masses.

Girls WANT to be approached.

A girl who rejects a high value man is as foolish as someone who sees a hundred dollar bill on the ground and walks right past it.

Girls don’t reject YOU, they reject perceived LOW-VALUE/bad approaches. Girls don’t have sex with YOU, they have sex with HIGHER VALUE. That’s how nature works. Criticism is refreshing. It’s good to see people receive your work and lifestyle differently. You might not fulfill each person’s particular emotional needs, and that’s ok.

Life is all about the interaction of FRAMES. The faintest intent to hold your ground when challenged will often have your adversaries crumble before your eyes. Self-doubt is death. It’s crazy how far CONFIDENCE gets you above everything else. It’s so vital, yet you can’t just tell people to BE confident. They have to actually FEEL confident. Reference experiences are necessary for your frame to increase its strength. You will always have to deal with rude people from time to time, but you cannot let them break you.

Regardless of your level of game, you will always face “losses”. Sometimes I forget that it is ultimately a numbers game. You have to get those approaches in. Building the initial momentum is the hardest part. I’ve come to think of an approach as a quick audition. Sometimes you uncover a lot of bad stones, other times you get quality with ease.

I saw a lot of in-shape dudes with nice clothes get curved left and right at the bars last time I went out. It’s INNER-STRENGTH over everything. A lame with a designer belt is still a lame.

You might think,

I don’t have enough money… My clothes aren’t nice enough… I’m not in shape enough…

However, if your game is on point you can overcome any handicap.

Don’t use such thoughts as excuses for inaction.

My growth has been so rapid that I am still finding my footing. No regrets, no complaints. People hate to see you shine. I’ve realized that I can’t do anything else BESIDES shine. Why hold yourself back just to “please” others? A lot of people hold themselves back because they can’t handle the spotlight. Your actions and failures are NOT proof that you are fundamentally defective.

You can keep changing lifestyles, locations, or jobs, but your fears will stay with you. You have to become entirely self-sufficient. You can’t expect others to lead you anymore.

I am no longer a child.

I know who I am.

I knew it all along.

I was just too scared to BE that person.


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  1. Khen says

    Well said. Building that initial momentum is key, once you do it starts self-perpetuating and things begin to feel weird when your not progressing. I think the fear of actually knowing and embracing ones true potential is what holds most people back, even if only subconsciously.

  2. dj says

    Great stuff…just what I needed…a lame shook me up a bit this week at work…have been thinking of how to deal with him…just found the answer above: “Never let lames infect your thought patterns. You have to block them out. Don’t push people away until they give you reasons to.” Thanks

    • says

      It seems as if lames are some of the most outspoken people about their misguided beliefs… do you argue with a child who asserts that the sky is green? Of course not, you are secure in your knowledge.

    • says

      I am currently attending High School of the lames founded by the lames (no joke, conservative and comfort priority one environment) and I am the big man on campus. I am respected, not LIKED necessarily, by everyone. I’m flat out crazy in the most righteous way possible. But that’s the only way I can be, I have realized.

  3. GM says

    Right on brother. Developing your value and becoming a higher-value man, it is depressing to encounter your old loser friends. You see them for what they really are: pathetic, snarky, jealous of your new success, too afraid of shattering their precious little ego by admitting they suck. You really are the average of your five closest friends.


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