Do You Understand Frame Control Semantics?

frame control semantics

The labels people assign to you are a reflection of their own emotional needs/ways of understanding the world.

Take a moment to squint through the semantic fog.

Understand, words put a spin on a situation and don’t necessarily reflect reality.

(i.e. Women/pussies label winners as “douchebags” because they’re hard to control and don’t pedestalize.)

Certain labels may make sense in another person’s reality. However, you have to see through their projection to discover what’s best for YOURSELF.

Words Emerge Out Of A Person’s Frame

A boy who’s raised to be self-sacrificing is easily manipulated when people label him as “selfish”. He’ll do anything to avoid this label, because it goes against his sense of self.

Oftentimes, when a selfless person starts to grow a spine and demand more for himself people will try to box him back in to his previous identity.

Such a person’s inability to understand frame control semantics (see through distortions) allows people to use his misplaced sense of generosity for their own benefit.

How “selfish” of him to stop being everyone’s bitch! How “selfish” of him to be his own person! How dare he fuck attractive women? How dare he have his own opinions? How dare he have boundaries and actually be comfortable with himself?

Labels Are A Petty Means Of Control

People try to avoid being associated with negative labels, even if such labels have no grounds in reality. They want to compartmentalize this complex and changing world into rigid categories so as to make sense of their own subjective experience.

What happens when people realize you aren’t the person (pussy) who they thought you were?

Their reality is threatened. Suddenly, the world is no longer predictable.

There will be order! There will be control! You will be who I want you to be!

Unfortunately for such people, the world doesn’t revolve around their needs.

People who know about my beliefs attack me for them all the time. They call me a child because I refuse to put women ahead of myself or chain myself down into a provider lifestyle.

They can’t comprehend the possibility of non-conventional lifestyles.

All I ever hear from them are the same regurgitated talking points. I never criticize their lifestyle choices, so they have no right to force me into some mold that can’t hold me.

Once You See Things For What They Are,
There’s No Turning Back

To see your cage is to leave it.

As your aura grows in value, the personal attacks may become more vicious. People will attempt to twist your frame however they see fit just so you meet their preconceived ideas about you.

I’ve realized I can’t be anyone else. I no longer stress about people misunderstanding me.

Winners are often disliked.

As long as you’re dedicating yourself towards becoming a better person (in shape, financially stable, abundant sex life, strong social connections) you’ll do just fine.

The mental freedom I enjoy is insanely liberating, while also kind of terrifying. I’m building my own lifestyle from scratch, with no real idea where the chips will fall. It’s a definite trade-off from living a life of “comfort” and “security”. For me, it’s the only way to live. I don’t want to think about “what could have been”.


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  1. says

    “People will attempt to twist your frame however they see fit just so that you meet their preconceived ideas about you.”

    ^^^ Holy words from the fucking wise man. Props. I see this constant 24/7.

  2. Biggest Pimp says

    Again a highly quotable text, bro. As you said, The labels that people assign to you are a reflection of their own emotional needs/ways of understanding the world. That’s why their labels and their opinions change so fast. Words are almost valueless. People change their opinion so very quickly, they adore you today even though they insulted you yesterday. So why should you give a damn about anyone’s opinion?

    Some people pay too much attention on words and expressions, they forget that lots of words are pleasant to hear but empty in meaning. This makes me think of the wise proverb “Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.” I couldn’t agree more. Body language is so much more important than what you say anyway.

    “Alphas are often disliked.” Damn right! Success makes other people uncomfortable because it forces them to look in the mirror and judge their own progress. You have to choose between being liked and being respected. Being liked is not as important as being respected. Being respected means being considered worthy of high regard. Being liked means being taken for granted, with very little or without any emotional connection.

    If you have respect, you have control. And having control means having power.


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