It All Comes Down To Assessing Feedback

How can you get the most out of external feedback?

As important as it is to see past your ego, it’s better to use it as a tool.

This post will explain how to maximize your growth by balancing ego and feedback.

Let’s begin.

External Feedback Is Valuable

If you’re a morbidly obese nerd who plays computer games all day yet has “transcended” his ego, you’re plainly lying to yourself.

How do you strike the balance between seeing the ego for what it is yet also using external feedback to your advantage?

Look at the big picture.

A single rejection doesn’t matter, but if you’re consistently failing to have successes in the various realms of life you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

Maybe you aren’t getting any blowouts or harsh rejections, but you have a problem closing. Maybe your business idea “failed” and your fear of being judged makes you reluctant to step back into the arena.

Your Experiences Are A Great Way To Gauge Your Progress

  • Are you better than the person you were last year?
  • Are more and more progressively attractive women making themselves available towards you?

Hitting a plateau doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve stagnated. Progress is inevitable when you keep putting in work, but it doesn’t always immediately show. Consistence and personal discipline are absolutely necessary for you to achieve your goals.

You have to put in the hours if you want to see results. Every single attempt or approach is a learning experience. The very fact that you tried makes you one step closer to your goal than the naysayer who did nothing.

As much as some don’t want to admit, confidence is built through external successes. You can tell yourself “I’m successful” as much as you want, but until you start winning all your self-talk means nothing.

Understanding The Subtleties Of An Arena Allows You To Fine-Tune Your Approach

I see far too many people undergoing fake “tough guy” posturing instead of actually making any concrete changes to themselves. You can always sense game when you are in its presence. When that happens, keep your senses open – you might learn a thing or two.

The hardest thing is always taking that initial step. Momentum is very real.

Keep in mind different people like different things. You may have talent in a niche outside the tastes of your current social circle. You may have a tendency to attract a certain type of girl (artsy instead of sorostitute)…

Acknowledge The Circumstances Of Your Successes

  • Are you too needy?
  • Do you lack self-validation?
  • Do you have bad frame control?
  • What made you “fail” when you did?
  • What made you succeed when you did?
  • What can your experiences tell you about your personal power?

Pay attention to your sticking points. How will you keep the ball rolling forward next time? As long as you keep actively working to step your game up, you’ll do alright.

As much as dissolving the ego will bring you great peace, keep in mind it also has the ability to tell you what you’re good at. It gives you confidence because you’ve experienced such a scenario before. You KNOW what you’re capable of when you’ve already won in the past.


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