Theory vs. Life Experience

theory vs. experienceIt’s easy to get wrapped up in theories.

Understanding brings comfort.

However, putting theory into action is a whole other ball game.

I hear people spout about theory all day but then when I see them at the bar they’re in the corner with their hands in their pockets or busy illuminating their faces with their iphone screens.

What does that make them?


If you have a vast depth of knowledge you’ll protect yourself from getting tooled. However, you’ll never get the results you want until you get your approaches/attempts in.

The Whole Point Of Studying The Winning Philosophy Is To Realize Your Potential

It’s easy to talk about the subtleties of game behind the comfort of a computer screen or while you’re chillin with your friends… but when was the last time you made a sincere effort towards becoming a better man?

You need to reach the point where you game everyone you come across. When you get good enough, game becomes a part of your personality.

You can always tell when your value is up there.

The world reacts to you differently.

People sense you’re about progress because you carry your accomplishments with you. They’re projected through your vibe. You can immediately recognize when a guy has game. It’s much easier to actually become greater than simply going through your life faking it.

Everything’s a lot more enjoyable when you’re actively investing in yourself. It gives you concrete reasons to feel good about yourself.

What Have You Accomplished The Past Year?

  • How many books have you read?
  • Are your relationships satisfying?
  • Have you worked on your fitness?
  • Have you stuck to a healthier diet?

Now compare that to the person you were a year before. It’s pretty surprising how fast you can grow without even realizing it.

The best thing to do is set simple daily goals putting you on the trajectory for self-development.

These goals are non-negotiable.

  1. Get your workout in.
  2. Put some time into your passions.
  3. Read a certain amount of pages/chapters.
  4. Talk to a few women (number of your choosing).

Success Is A Process Of Accumulation

There is LONG TIME and there is SHORT TIME.

Most of your time will be spent working towards opportunities. When the correct moment presents itself, strike boldly.

It’s important to give yourself the foundation to attract these opportunities into your life.

Even just attending the occasional outing or going to a non-conventional art exhibit/concert can greatly expand your possibilities.

Theory without action is nothing other than masturbation.


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