There Is No Other Choice

no other choice

Isn’t it crazy how people are unaware of their potential value?

How can they settle into a job, snag a 4-5 as a girlfriend, and then call it quits?

How can someone be content living the same boring routine and then blow off steam watching football on the weekends?

Don’t they want to have a life?

There’s no reason to hate such people for their life choices if you can’t relate.

It seems like a lot of people accept the first opportunities that come their way.

WOW! This average girl actually likes me! I can’t afford to lose her!

I guarantee the same person would much rather enjoy a more attractive woman, but he isn’t willing to put in the work to get on that level.

Everyone wants the best for themselves (even if they don’t admit it), but can’t get it because they aren’t dedicated enough. It’s much easier to be an office slave and to distract yourself with readily available hedonistic comforts.

Or is it?

It’s a dead end road because instant gratification leads to long term emptiness.

It kills your fucking soul.

What Else Is There To Do Besides Build Your Value?

There is no other choice.

When you aspire for more, a basic lifestyle falls outside your comprehension. Your internal fire won’t allow you to accept less for yourself. You may even have to make temporary sacrifices such as experiencing homelessness, but it’s all worth it if you stay on the right track.

A 9-5 lifestyle is empty and monotonous.

Sure you may be “safe”, but are you actually doing anything with yourself?

Life is so much richer when you spend your time accomplishing goals, even if they’re small. It feels great investing in the self.

The hardest thing is to make those initial choices.

You have to change your bad habits into good ones. If there’s no shitty food in your fridge, you won’t have a choice except to eat healthily. If you remove toxic people from your life, you won’t be exposed to their negative influence.

Your Value Is A Project Of Accumulation

All your little choices add up a lot quicker than you expect.

There is NO reason not to have high value. When you put yourself on the right track, you realize how little competition there actually is.

How many people do you see on a daily basis actively dedicating their lives towards self-improvement?

If the fattest fucking losers can turn their lives around, so can you. There’s absolutely nothing holding you back besides yourself.

  • Kick the MSG addiction.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Stop hanging around people with no ambition.
  • Go the fuck outside.
  • Take a nice deep breath of fresh air.
  • Look at the fucking trees.
  • Look at the fucking sky.

WOW. This Is Life.

Look, there’s an attractive woman coming towards you on her morning walk.

Might as well say what’s up and see what she’s about…

When you take care of yourself, you genuinely FEEL good. You don’t need to undergo any fake posturing because you’re already on top of the world. What you eat and how you live your daily routine changes EVERYTHING.

It’s really quite simple. You just have to ask yourself if you want success.

Are you willing to endure potential ego bruising on a severe level?

When Your Momentum Reaches A Certain Point, It Feels Wrong Not To Take Charge

It feels wrong not to talk to girls.

It feels wrong to treat your body like shit.

It feels wrong to piss away your time.

What else is there to do?



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  1. says

    “It’s a dead end road because immediate gratification leads to long term emptiness.”

    The above is so true. I was heavily hooked on drugs and it lead me to a shithole. Now I am working on increasing my value, working out, acquiring skills, and actually accomplishing things.

    I like this blog because it emphasizes the hardworking aspect, the passive game which is much more important than the routines, DHVs and other similar sounding stuff. Not saying the other stuff don’t work, but they are the accessories. The important thing is your mindset and passive game.

    • says

      When your value is on point, everything else becomes a lot easier. This doesn’t mean you should neglect opportunities in order to “work on your value” but to find a balance between executing long time habits and short time actions.


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