Beware The Snakes! – How To Recognize A Fake Friend

Have you ever been around a “friendly” and “charismatic” person
who only causes problems?

Were you tempted to make excuses because of their likeable persona?

Did their words never match up with their actions?

If so, you’ve just identified a snake.

Just because people are friendly doesn’t mean they’re your friends.

The greatest enemies in your life will often be people who have been close to you. You can’t trust anyone unconditionally because they’ll switch up on you much quicker than you expect.

Don’t Ignore Recurring Problems

It’s sad when people you thought you knew end up being entirely different.

Relationships have to be mutually beneficial. Everything doesn’t need to be tit-for-tat but if someone is causing you to bleed value then you have to erase them from your life.

It’s rare for someone to tell their true intentions to your face.

People will undermine you in subtle ways because it’s plausibly deniable.

A Fake Friend Reveals Himself When You Pay Attention To Actions Over Words

As soon as you apply this way of looking at the world to your own life, everything will change. Everyone’s motivations become blindingly clear to you. (No matter if you’re dealing with a male, female, friend, or foe).

Words mean next to nothing. It’s all about tone, body language, and moves executed.

Trust when warranted, but verify.

Nobody deserves a free ride on your back. Altruism is ok when it doesn’t arise out of misguided obligation.

People Tend To Rationalize Their Own Exploitation

Nah man, I haven’t fucked her yet but she enjoys my platonic beta attention so it should happen any day now…

Everyone has emotional needs, and they use various methods to get them met.

Do you really have that much free time and lack of options? Only a loser lets himself become part of a chick’s stable of orbiters or a sycophant to a winner.

I digress. You simply have to know who you’re dealing with.

People are often nothing like their social masks. Gaining life experience causes you to see through much of this fake posturing.

A lot of people may have charisma, but zero substance beneath the facade.

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Relevant Reading: “Dangerous Personalities” by Joe Navarro.


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